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One more step towards free calling – Republic wireless Wi-Fi numbers

Updated on December 15, 2011

International Calling – the Cash Cow

It's no secret that international calls are some of the most profitable communications in the telecom industry. Many companies like Google voice for example even allow free domestic calls to the US and Canada and charge only for international calls. This presumably makes up for the loss suffered by offering free domestic calling. It's also one of the reasons why many VoIP services tout cheap international calls as one of their primary selling points. After all, if it's the most profitable for the carriers it's also the most expensive for customers.

Concordantly, this is one of the major reasons why telecom companies have traditionally been hostile to VoIP services. Luckily in the US, there hasn't been too much of a history of active stifling of these innovative offerings. A couple of months ago though, a company called Republic Wireless began a revolution in telecom services by allowing seamless switching of calls from Wi-Fi to the wireless network and back in the middle of an ongoing conversation. The implications of this are tremendous and is only the first step towards cheaper, and perhaps free calls for everyone worldwide.

But it seems that this is just the beginning. Just a few days back, Republic Wireless debuted an even more of shattering technology.

Republic Wireless Numbers
Republic Wireless Numbers

Free International Calls for Everyone?

Republic Wireless introduced the concept of "Wi-Fi" numbers. It managed to do this by obtaining its own country code. Just think about it for a moment – a private company having its very own country code! But why? What does Republic Wireless have to do with country codes?

The answer seems to lie in the capability to provide entirely free voice calls which either originate or target Republic Wireless's telephone numbers. This means that if you have a Republic wireless telephone number, all your calls are free to any telephone number that you target since every call you make to any country – including the US – will be termed as an "international call".

To call this disruptive, would be an understatement. If everyone started making calls either to or from a republic wireless telephone number, it could get rid of fees entirely! Whether or not the telecom carriers in the US and in other countries would be willing to integrate this country code into their systems is another matter. One could hardly blame them if they were to refuse. But technology has a way of working around these limitations. It's easy to see that future services will merely build on this idea and bring us closer to a seamless world of communication.

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