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Online Goals this March

Updated on March 3, 2013

They say goal setting is a good thing. It generally keeps us focused on getting the "right" things done. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment whenever we hit a mark in a given span of time. That is why for this month, I'd like to set small milestones for myself. This will hopefully push me to improve on my social networking and SEO skills (which I know so little of, haha!).

I'm hoping I can achieve some of these so I can move on to higher goals for the succeeding months.


Social Media Network Goals

If you're a blogger like me, you would agree that blogging isn't just about writing posts. It's more than just updating you're blogs, too. If you simply love to write, then perhaps that is enough. However, in order to benefit financially from blogging, a blogger must learn the following, at the least.

  • how to create valuable contents (Content is always king, as many would say)
  • SEO techniques
  • online marketing to promote blog posts

In fact, over the year I've learned that Twitter and Facebook are more than just programs to shout out what we feel so our relatives and friends can read our joys, rants or whatnots. I've learned that these social media are effective tools which we can use to our advantage, particularly in promoting online.

As of now, I have over 3,000 followers in Twitter and nearly 500 followers in Pinterest. My Facebook fanpage has over 3000 followers, as well. (I just checked, haha! Yay me!) This month of March, my earnest goals on my social networks are these:

  • Twitter followers: 5,000
  • Pinterest: 1,000
  • Cooking Like a Pro Facebook Fanpage: 5,000

Hubpages Goals

I have been with Hubpages for (OMG!) 2 years, already! In truth, I've been in and out of the system. I was happy earning a few cents daily in this site. However, I feel the tendency to challenge myself into a race of sorts in my Hubpages stay. I know some of the writers here in Hubpages earn a decent amount every month. I figured, if they can do it... well, I suppose I can, too.

No! Scratch that! If they can do it. Well, I most certainly can do good in Hubpages,too.

And so, my goals for this month of March for Hubpages are:

  • Total earnings for the month: $50.00
  • Total hubs written: 10 hubs (start point is 64 hubs)
  • Page views per day: 500 views

Hmm... I have not monitored my hubs stats, ever. Now, I will take a closer look at how I am really doing with Hubpages. I'll see whether these simple goals are doable for me. (I hope they are!)

Stay tuned next month when I reveal whether these goals were met or not. :)


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    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok

      Thanks tycoon sam. I do believe that whatever we put our minds into, we can achieve. Setting goals is just a part of the equation. The other part is focusing on the achievements of those goals. Hmm... what can I do to reach these goals.....hihihihi

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok

      Thanks once a again brad. I'm trying to get Pinterest followers now. haha! It's a great social networks, too in getting traffic for my bloggies.

    • TycoonSam profile image

      TycoonSam 4 years ago from Washington, MI

      Excellent excellent excellent Hub! I am a firm believer in setting goals. Interesting that I found this hub because just yesterday I found an old journal from years past. In 1998 I had 7 goals that all came to fruition. Other years some did and some didn't. After looking at 1998 again I noticed something different than the other years. In 1998 I was VERY specific as to what my goals were. Vere detailed. The other years I was somewhat vague. Something to think about.

      To your success on all your goals!

      Voted up and useful!

    • prospectboy profile image

      Bradrick H. 4 years ago from Texas

      Hey there Rizza. I agree with you on the importance of setting goals. Another thing that you're right about is using the various social networking sites as ways to promote. I used to say that I would never have a Twitter account, but now I have one, and it's become one of the best ways for me to share things. Good luck this month with all of your goals. I'll be staying tuned to see if you reach them. All the best! Voted up, and rated interesting.