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Online Purchases - What to look out for

Updated on December 7, 2010


A good friend of mine, who happens to be a Media Personality, who shall remain anonymous was annoyed at her products being reproduced and sold illegally from China. Her frustration was also Directed at the fact the people running this Business were based in China and there was little she could do. I decided to do a little digging and research as it is part of what I do (I shall not elaborate further..) so I thought I would share the results here on Hubpages.

Reply to my Friend, from me:

"Regarding those Fake DVD/CD collections on Amazon, I read about what you said about them Being in China and not being able to do anything, to some degree if you where to remain civil of course there is not much you can do. However in other realms, without digressing too much about my other talents. I took a look at one of their sites and decided to do what I do best.."

Here's what I managed to dig up:

Their site has a nice feedback loop that throws the inquisitive through a 'loop' sending Any curious people to the United Kingdom, ah my homeland! So of course I was in my Element tracing the details in the UK (btw, I am an Ex-pat been in the US 10+ years, before you ask..) so their site ( is one of about 130 sites of the same nature i.e. Sell online, take money and not be traceable. It happens sadly, but as I have a vested interest I used my Talents' to look deeper.

Here's a few other names they use:


So you get the idea this is a hive of rip-off sites all hosted on a untraceable host.

The Company '' is part of FOSHAN CITY SHUNDE DISTRICT IDR INTERNET PROJECT SERVICE LTD these are the actual culprits the set the sites up and host them on servers like: (hmm, nice ideal name..).

So someone with a little Technical Knowledge does what is called a DNS look-up and the Results would be something shown below:

Domain Name .......................
Name Server ........................ (etc..etc)
Registrant ID ........................ hc602119837-cn
Registrant Name .................. wang wang <--fake
Registrant Organization ....... wang jiuping <--fake
Registrant Address .............. jiaodaokoudongdajie85hao <--fake
Registrant City ..................... beijing
Registrant Province/State .... Beijing
Registrant Postal Code .........100000 <--fake
Registrant Country Code ...... CN
Administrative Phone Number ..... +86.1064051155 <--fake
Administrative Fax ....................... +86.1064051155 <--fake

The phone number they use is Fake (i.e. +86.1064051155 and so on) the Fax and Email address is fake too and follows the normal pattern for these particular culprits where their Email address is always the same as the online shop name ( For those with a little more Technical Prowess the 'AS' number is wrong too.

Their AS number when a DNS look-up is done points to: ( as you can see it is a completely different (Dodgy) looking site.

Are these people for real? Well here's someone posting on Yahoo Answers about a week ago (at the time of this Article being composed):

Here's the REAL address(es):

xxxxxxxx (Name Withheld to comply with Hubpages Policy)
xxxxxxxx (Street Address Withheld to comply with Hubpages Policy)
Shunde District
Zip 528322

Sorry, I'm not an expert on China's provinces however using a Trace i.e. tracing their site to where it goes 'off the Radar' which by the way is Phoenix, AZ. Then the fake United Kingdom address kicks in and so on and using Google (tada!) I was able to extrapolate those two addresses. I Found a legit company, on the same street, same road hence I was able to use their Address as the correct formatting of the above addresses, see below as an example.

Example using Google Maps: HERE

So, what does all this mean?

It means as you already know China is a Hive for every kind of remote Technical Exploitation you can think of (and then some..) You know that this Company 'Foshan City Shunde District IDR Internet Project Service Limited Company' has numerous of (in the hundreds) either fake or rip-you-off sites. Everything about this company is fake, they employ misdirection tactics, Use IP addresses that end and suddenly restart in another country (in Boxsetoffer's case it goes Arizona -> U.K. -> China) very devious stuff to the unknowing and unsuspecting.

Here on their FAQ page they blatantly lie: HERE

So next time you think about buying from a Site, in this case and as far as my Interest and concerns go, something from an online store that you've never heard of or the name of the Store sounds a little 'dubious' do a simple DNS Look-up, it's not hard and does not require a super-mega IQ.Just Search 'URL Look up' and Paste the URL of the Web site in this case let's use:

Let's Enter: and click the Look-up Button and look at the details. Do you see it? Take a look at the two address lines, even in China I don't think they have an address formatted like this:

Registrant Address .............. jiaodaokoudongdajie85hao

As mentioned further above notice the email address on this part is blank and the address on their site is Boxsetoffer@gmail also, this changes for each and every one of their sites. Easy when you know how isn't it.

Saving people's hard earned cash, Educating people, creating awareness in this case for XXXXXXX (My Friends Company Name), because the Media they produce has benefited me and my Daughter tremendously and equally XXXXXXX (Friends name)l is a Lovely, open and Honorable Lady and I wanted to try and enlighten you, my friends and Fans in any way I could I Hope I have achieved that in some manner.


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