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Online list making

Updated on July 23, 2013

Online list creating has taken leaps and bounds in recent months. Some sites have gotten more hype in the media more than others. We've all heard about pinterest and its apparent ability to become a major threat to Facebook. I'm still not sure that I see this happening. Recently, well about a month ago while looking into what Pinterest is i came across a different site by the name of springpad. The idea of this app like so many others is to take things that you find all across the internet and save them all in a simple organized place. Originally looking at it what comes to mind is evernote, an other organization app that I tried to use and didn't end up sticking with for very long.

Going through Springpad, their website and app designs are simple. Clean black, white and yellow designs. They even use big buttons to attract your attention to the appropriate places. When I first started with this website it made me very excited to know that I could create "notebooks" on the website and they would not be shared automatically to the entire world like they are in Pinterest. Now I know that we are social beings but there is a limit. There are times when I would like to make a personal list of sites that I maybe would like to share with a friend or two, not all 500 friends of mine on Facebook, or in the case of Pinterest the entire internet.

But alas we are interactive beings and most of the time we are more willing to share with people we don't know over the internet than we do. That is probably why pinterest has been able to grow so quickly while other sites who are trying to do the same thing as them are not. It simply stands to say that if there are too many sites trying to do the same thing, most are destined to fail. Who's to say that in a year from now there could be some other online list buillding social website that could be even better than either springpad or pinterest. It is all a matter of personal opinion, how much you are willing to share online. Perhaps I just have to go back to making my personal lists with pen and paper since I do not want them broadcast across the web.

update: Pintrest has recently added a new feature for creating private pin boards. I guess they finally realized that not everyone wants to share everything with the world. Like if I'm looking at wedding dresses and I save the ones I like I don't want my friends to start commenting about if I'm getting married soon or what have you.

Even here on this site there is the option to "pin it". One day there will come a time when every thing that we do on the internet will be documented by social networking, the question is, do we really want this?

What does any of this say about Facebook? Weren't they ultimately the leaders in social list making? On one's one you could post any number of sites together and create a list. The only advantage I see to using a service such as Pinterest and Springpad is that they just took the list making that we are allready doing on sites like facebook and Digg, and just make it more fun and good looking.

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