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OpenShot Pan & Zoom Panoramic Photo

Updated on August 8, 2014

Screen shot #1

Step #1 Resize the Panoramic picture to video format.

Choose the largest video format that your digital camera handles in order so that the video clip will be compatible for future video editing. Some of the many formats are listed below are;

AVI 640x360, 640x480, 1920x2080

MP4 720x480, 1440x1080

MTS 1920x1080

My Sony A58 DSLR camera has a photograph size of 12416x1856 pixals or 35x5 inches of a double rainbow shot at sunset in Sierra Vista, Arizona during the monsoon season. The light refracted beams of the rainbow are broken as an artifact of the camera's landscape mode stitched photo series.

Screen shot #3

Start of Clip settings
Start of Clip settings
End of Clip settings
End of Clip settings

How to - step by step

If resizing in GIMP then make sure to keep as much resolution as possible by changing Quality to 100 and under Advanced options, uncheck Optimize and Progressive. After resizing photo, open and import panoramic picture in OpenShot.

1 Open 'Clip Properties' and go to Video tab

2 Under Align change Vertical (optional).

3 Click Layout tab in Clip Properties for both the Key Frame 'Start of clip' and 'End of clip' width enlargement maximum is 300%. .

4 Enter a value for 'X' , maximum is 200 in 'Start of the clip' or 'End of the Clip'Enter for the panning.

5 For 'Y', enter the percentage of how much larger the resized panoramic is.

Above image is the panoramic jpeg with bad photostitching of the Double Rainbow. Note broken arches.
Above image is the panoramic jpeg with bad photostitching of the Double Rainbow. Note broken arches. | Source

Panoramic Double Rainbow with Broken Arches

Why so much black space on finished video?

My image after resizing to fit the video dimensions of 1920x1080 was 7225x1080. 7225 is 376% larger than 1920 and OpenShot Width maximum is 300%.

Openshot pan & zoom tutorial to animate a panoramic image by Harry van der Wolf

What with the broken arches in the panoramic?

This panoramic photograph of a double rainbow at sunset in Sierra Vista, Arizona would have been 'The Money Shot' if it weren't for all the problems that stitching photos together brings. Vertical banding, vignetting, ghosting, stitching errors, color shifts and curved Horizons.

Although I panned my Sony A58 DSLR on a tripod for correct registration and calibration, I did not overlap enough frames for proper blending. It is unfortunate that I ruined this shot due to lack of experience in practicing these types of shot enough beforehand.

Learn more in depth by visiting the perfect panorama about not overlapping enough can cause distortion,or parallax errors and how any lack of features or how large patterns can truly highlight poor programming.

Advanced Panoramas

Andriod has an app that takes 36 pictures and automatically makes a spherical panorama Tried to use Photoshop panosphere but computer didn't have enough memory and it's so much hard to do than the Andriod app.

There is develop of a camera ball with 36 cameras that takes all the pictures at once where even the photographer himself is inside his own panosphere that does away with all the vertical distortion of the two poles of the panosphere.

For beautiful interactive full screen virtual reality 360 degree spherical panoramas or panospheres then start at the Grand Canyon Photo Sphere where the distortion discussed above are evident. A panosphere viewer is required otherwise it's simply a heavily distorted 2-D image. Try PhotosphereViewer for you own panoshpere!

Currently under development for future virtual reality technology is the Oculus Rift headset that uses stereoscopic 3-D 360-degree visuals.

But I'm wary of the name Oculus Rift because it is perhaps an evil omen of a man going insane alone in a room from audio and visual hallucinations as in the 2006 short film "Oculus: Chapter 3 - The Man with the Plan" which is a whole lot scarier than the Hollywood 2013 Oculus. And since the word rift means a crack, split, or break in something the future of virtual reality will end with a complete break from reality.

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