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How to get the correct POS system for a pizzeria

Updated on August 4, 2015

The POS system


Starting your pizzeria with the correct software and online ordering system is vital to the future of your pizza business. If you already have a pizza business we will show you how to be more successful.

As we have already pointed out in other articles a POS system can really improve your pizza sales. In this article we will look at how to get the needed hardware and software without spending a lot of money.

If you just want to go out and buy a brand new POS system, you can get one from Revention that looks like it will do everything that you need. The problem is that it could cost as much as $15,000.00 dollars. We will try to put together a POS system for less than five thousand dollars that will bring in the same food sales. Next we will look at the software needed for the system.

The software

Getting the needed software

The first thing to consider are the POS software programs that are needed to run a carryout and delivery pizzeria. The one that I tend to like the most is the point of success premium POS software. This software product can be made to work easily for this type of pizzeria, and the cost is about a thousand dollars for a two station package with accessibility to an online ordering software.

The good part about this piece of software is that it can be used with different types of computer hardware. That means you can buy used computer hardware, and it will work good with this software. This is the main idea for buying and using this particular software for your new pizzeria, it will save you a lot on hardware and software purchases.

This POS software really looks good on the way it handles deliveries, and we all know that deliveries will be a big part of the pizza business. It is also well set up with an online ordering service, and as we have discussed in other articles there is a big demand for this.

Online ordering is a big part of the future in the pizza business, and the place that doesn't have it will really suffer. This particular POS software has a direct tie in with a big online ordering company which gives them an enormous advantage.

The third thing that I like about this software system is that it separates the hardware from the software. This allows you the advantage of buying used computer hardware when you are starting out. They tell you the pieces of hardware that you need, but then tell you how to save money by buying it used.

That is how you can get the complete system, and spend less than $5,000 dollars. You can get more information at their website at Next we will look at the hardware needed

The POS hardware

getting POS system hardware needed

In this section we will look at the hardware needed for a two station POS system setup, and where to look if you want to buy the items used. First we will make a list of hardware needed for a two station set up. You would need two touch screen monitors and two receipt type printers, one cash drawer, a charge slide for orders paid by debit or credit card. You would also need the computer set up for each touch screen, one pole display for customers, and all the cabling to connect the different pieces.

This is most of what you would need to make a two station set up, and that is what you would need to start out. If you need help in setting the system up, you should be able to hire a computer repairman to give you a hand with the hard parts.

You want to buy the hardware and software quite a while before your opening, so you have time to set it up and work any bugs out before you need the POS system.

Then as you progress through the first year you can see any pieces of hardware that may be giving you problems, and either fix or replace them as needed.

Just remember that the POS system is a very important piece of your stores equipment, and needs to be kept in good condition. Next we will look at setting up with an online ordering service.

online ordering

getting online ordering software

The online ordering system is integrated with your POS system in such a way that no matter where the order is taken, it is printed out at the kitchen printer to be made.

The POS software that we talked about is integrated with the big holler online ordering system. This seems to be a good system that has over a thousand customers in the food business. They have a set up charge, and a flat fee of $70.00 dollars a month for their service.

This is an acceptable amount the problem is they don't offer apps for mobile phones, and this is a big part of online ordering. They claim that they are set up to take orders from smartphone apps, they just don't supply the apps. For more information you can go to their website at www.bigholler.Com.

There is another online ordering service that seems to be fairly good. The advantage to this one is that they do offer apps for smartphones. I don't believe that they do the volume of business that big holler does, however their only charge is $79.00 dollars a month.

I believe they would also be good to check out, and their website is at This will give you two good leads on places that offer online ordering for a flat monthly fee. You want a place that does the online ordering for a flat fee each month. This would complete your POS system in such a way that you are set up to succeed at a reasonable cost.


The pizza POS system and especially the online ordering part of the system is vital to a modern carryout and delivery pizzeria. The millennial customer believes that it is their right to be able to order online, whether from a computer or from a smartphone.

If your pizzeria doesn't offer this advantage then they will go to a pizzeria that does. Domino's pizza now claims that they get 30 percent of all pizza sales in the United States from online ordering and smartphone apps.

They estimate that in the coming years digital orders will make up 50 percent of their sales in this country. Pizza hut claims to get a large percentage of their orders online, and even more important 50 percent of all digital orders are from mobile apps.

I believe that states the case very clearly when the two leaders in the pizza business tell you clearly how strongly they believe in digital orders. If you want to be a success in the pizza business in a decade, you will have to have the ability to get a large percentage of your orders online also.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Good article. Especially the information regarding POS integration, it just makes it easier from an owner perspective. No need to manually input orders, train kitchen staff, or bookkeeping issues. We recently have been working with, we have had good experiences so far.

    • profile image

      computer gemini 

      5 years ago

      Take advantage of POS and enhance the Company growth. By the help of POS, you get a lot of profit which is beneficial for you.

      Topaz Signature Pads are very helpful for my business because I have to sign thousands of documents and checks daily. It has made my work a lot simpler


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