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Opera Mobile for Kindle Fire HD

Updated on June 19, 2013

The Opera browser is a cool browser to surf the web with, especially on the Kindle Fire HD and it has a version that is suited for an Android-like device like the KFHD. To download and install the Opera browser, you would need to select a version here and download it in .apk format from here: Just select the latest version for Android and it should work on Kindle FHD too.

It's a third party app

As you should know, installing Opera browser on your kindle is not directly promoted by Amazon and they don't offer it on their app store so being a third party app, you would have to install it from a non-amazon source either on you Kindle or your computer, allowing installation from third parties.

Things needed for installation of Opera Mobile

  • Wireless Internet service
  • Opera mobile apk file
  • Kindle Fire HD

How I installed Opera Mobile on my Kindle Fire HD

  1. First I downloaded the apk file for Opera Mobile on my computer
  2. Copied the file to Kindle Documents
  3. Opened the file with ES file explorer
  4. Allowed installation of the file

Now I can browse on my Kindle Fire with a different browser other than Silk browser and it works just fine without having to root it.

Experience with Using Opera Mobile on Kindle Fire HD

  • It doesn't play YouTube videos
  • It browses a lot of sites fast
  • Allows for opening of multiple tabs

Opera Mini on Kindle Fire HD

I also tried installing Opera Mini 7.5 on Kindle Fire and it wors great too. The version I installed is the . Operamini is designed to display websites in a form auitabel for mobile device or small scale. It works ok for Kindle but it's better to go for Opera Mobile since the tablet can do more.

Viewing a hub on Opera
Viewing a hub on Opera

Opera Mobile Vs Chrome for Android

I have already installed and tested both the Opera Mobile and Chrome browser on my Kindle Fire hd but it seems Chrome offers more functionality to me than Opera. Particularly on Youtube, opera doesn't play the videos or pops it out in media play er like Silk or Chrome does. I had been having the problem with Chrome beta until I upgraded to the latest version for Android and Chrome now works great. Chrome also allows me to import a lot of booksmarks and settings from my desktop but Opera does not. So, for me Chrome beats Opera Mobile on Kindle Fire HD for now.

  • Chrome now plays Youtube videos in media player
  • Chrome allows importing settings like bookmarks
  • Chrome starts up faster and works faster


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