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Opera became the first major browser built-in VPN, free

Updated on April 21, 2016

Opera before taking on many features usually awkward, but recently added a function can be said to be extremely useful: VPN. In the latest Developer version, Opera allows users to turn on / off function with just one click VPN, which were not present in the other popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox. VPN can help you see what is blocked (by area) and secure web surfing as it will encrypt the content to not be bad guys prowling in the public Wi-Fi point. Opera Developer version out VPN support at 256-bit encryption and can only simulator that 3 parts of Canada, Germany and the US. Maybe in the official version will have more choice and more importantly is it's free. Normally you want to use VPN genuine, high speed, you have to pay an annual subscription fee and there are many VPN service providers, how to install complicated and sometimes slightly annoying Opera also has simplified everything and can turn on / off very fast. it is reported that in March last year, Opera has acquired the company's VPN service SurfEasy and seem to have integrated the technology of SurfEasy in this version of Opera. manual VPN on Opera : Installing Opera Developer here: Opera Developer Open up, go to Settings> Privacy & Security, check Enable VPN Opens a site any (want to see by VPN), click VPN icon at the top of the cell type in the address, turn oN it up. Can select the geographical partition in box below if you wish.


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