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Operating VoIP from PC to PC and VoIP phone via Computer

Updated on July 11, 2011

Voice over Internet technology utilizes packet switching communication to apply to Internet voice. In simple terms, a voice signal (the audio) is converted into digital format and then it is compressed by the form of “packets” that travel over the Internet and then decompresses at the other end. Specifically, it should be noted that these “voice packets” contain, in addition to information about the item, other information concerning the origin of voice, time of delivery, and destination of packets. All this information allows the correct reconstruction of voice over Internet when the data packets reach the recipient, so in other words, VoIP system allows voice data to reach its destination via different routes and once the data (information) reaches its destination, it is then reassembled to be used by the other user like web pages, video, mp3 with the help of certain programs and accessories and the voice here is converted back to analog audio.

In this way, the person who is on the other end of the phone/computer can understand what is being said. To avoid delay in communication, it is essential that data packets travel at a very high speed and for this reason and for the best experience of VoIP technology, you must have a broadband Internet connection such as ADSL.


VoIP from PC to PC

As explained in the previous article on history of VoIP, voice over IP from one PC to other PC was the initial discovery by some Israelis and has been the basic root of VoIP technology to communicate using a computer via an Internet connection. To operate VOIP, we just needed a microphone or a headset and connection to computer with a sound card and Internet modem. This was made possible in the late 1990s and thanks to VoIP technology which allows the transmission of voice and video (if you choose to make a video) through the Internet connection of your computer.

 As an additional note, some Voip service providers and VoIP operators mentioned in my previous articles help you in making calls from computer to phone numbers of traditional fixed landlines and mobile networks paying only the cost of interconnection with the telecom operator, therefore, allowing huge savings on phone calls, especially the long distance ones.

VoIP Phone via Computer

With the aim of encouraging the spread of VoIP technology thanks to the rapid spread of broadband connections that have been marketed to specific phones (which have significant similarities with the traditional cordless phones) which can be connected directly to your computer (usually through the USB port) and allow you to use the telephone service through a mode much like the traditional one. This is just the USB phone that connects via the USB port to the computer connected to the Internet via ADSL modem or router. The specific operation of this VoIP configuration requires the use of phone only with a computer.


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      vanH 6 years ago

      Nice invention, Israelis!