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Optical Fiber Cable

Updated on June 18, 2012

Difference between LED Light and Laser Light fiber optics

LED light
Laser light
Data Rate
Travel distance
Short distance
Long distance
Sensitivity of Temperature
Mode of used
Multi and Single mode both

OFC- The Fast transmission media

Today, Fiber optics is in a broad use for the effective data and voice transmission over the network. It is a very fast, reliable and secure way of the transmission. There are 3 components of Fiber Optics-

· Light Source,

· Transmission medium

· Detector

A pulse of light indicates a 1 bit and absence of light indicates a 0 bit

The transmission medium of fiber optic cable is made of a center glass core, surrounded by a glass cladding and protected by a plastic jacket. The glass cladding has a lower index of refraction than the core so that the light from the core is not leaked.

In a Single-mode fiber diameter of fiber is reduced (few wave lengths of light) and the light is propagated in a straight line. In this type of fiber laser light is used. This fiber is faster but more expensive.

In a multimode fiber will have different rays of light is radiating around at different angles. In this fiber LED light is used and is cheaper but slower than the single-mode fiber cable.

Method of connection: 3 ways for the connection can be used with fiber optics, these are as following -

1. By fusion of two fibers – In this method the two fibers are connected by melting one over other which makes a solid connection. So, this method of connection is less susceptible of leakage.

2. By spliced mechanically – In this method the two fibers are connected by splicing together. Approximately 10% of leakage is possible in this type of connection.

3. By plugging into fiber socket – In this type of connection there may be loss of 10% to 20% of light

It may be noted that in the all methods, refracted energy will interfere the signal at the point of joints.

There are two types of lights that can pass through a fiber –

1. LED light

2. Laser Light

There is some difference between LED Light and Laser Light fiber optics which may be seen in the table

Advantages –

1. Low attenuation

2. Higher Bandwidth

3. Excellent security

4. No leakage of light

5. Unaffected by power surges, power failures and electromagnetic interference

6. Unaffected by corrosive chemicals in the air

7. Ideal for a tough environmentlike in factory


1. It is very costly

2. Repairing, maintenance and taping is very difficult

3. High skilled engineers are requires.

4. As OFC is unidirectional so, two cables or two frequency bands are required.


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