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Optical (Optic) fiber/fibre cable vs wireless satellite communication comparison between

Updated on February 25, 2013
Optical fiber cable
Optical fiber cable | Source

Optical Fiber Communication VS Wireless Communication

Optical fiber VS wireless communication is always a topic of great intense debate. Sometimes it would not be wrong that both are equally significance. You can understand this by going through this article.

Optical fiber communication is a form of wired communication. In optical fiber communication the optical fiber are mainly made up of glass silica material. It is like a long cylindrical tube which carries light waves through it. Travelling of light wave is based on the principle of total internal reflection. This principle states that whenever a light travels from less dense material to highly dense material it bends towards the surface of both the surface. This bending of the light wave causes it to be confined it within the glass fiber.

Now why optical fiber is been adopted for wideband data transmission? The answer to this question is that it offers very wide bandwidth in the range of terahertz. Meaning of this is that many TeraByte per second of data speed and capacity. This huge bandwidth is widely suitable for high bandwidth data transmission. Videos in HD are supported on the fiber. Not only one video but many hundreds of videos transmission can occur simultaneously. The fibers are like Highways which allows many different types and high data communication links to pass through it.

The optical fiber can be used for end to end communication but it is not suitable for broadcasting purposes. For broadcasting purposes wireless communication has an edge over optical fiber. Connecting too many people in remote areas is a very costly work. Sometimes the geographical areas terrain problem does not allow the fiber placement in the region. In the same way when a user is travelling than also it is not possible to establish optical fiber link.

Wireless communication includes many forms ranging from simple AM, FM to the highly technical new techniques like satellites communications. The wireless services are a boon for remote areas where it is possible to provide services to the fewer users at a much lower rate.

Sometimes the combination of both of the techniques also finds useful applications. By combining these techniques the advantages of both can be adopted.


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