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Optimize Your Computer With Norton Internet Security

Updated on August 1, 2013

System Requirements for Installing NIS:

OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

RAM: 256 MB

HDD: 300 MB

Configuring the Firewall

Open your Norton Internet Security and navigate to Settings > Network > Smart Firewall > Program Control.

This is the part where we can configure the internet access for programs. You can allow or block programs from accessing the Internet. You will see a list of programs under the 'Program Control' window. So if you want to block a program from accessing the Internet, simply select the program, click Block from the drop down menu and put a check mark next to the Block button. This will be useful if you are using pirated programs or programs activated with fake keys. To add a new program to the list, click the Add button. Select the programs you want to configure and click Open. It will ask you to select an appropriate option to control internet access for that program. Select an option from the drop down menu and click Apply. You are done.

Configure the Start Up:

Open your Norton and click on the Performance tab. Oh there's a surprise!! Now click the Start Up Manager on the left pane. Here you can see a list of applications. These are the third party applications that starts with your Windows. Disabling these programs from the start up could make your computer load faster. Go through the programs and toggle the On/Off button to configure the Start up. Once you have configured the Start up click Apply.


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