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Options to unlock your iPhone

Updated on January 9, 2013

What is currently the best option to unlock your iPhone?

When the iPhone was first released in 2007 there really was no option at all to unlock the device, so the early adapters were forced to use their phone on the originally locked network.
Within 4 months after its release, an Italian hacker named Zibri managed to hack the iPhone and released a freely available software tool that would enable users to unlock the device and thus to break free from the locked carrier.

After the iPhone is unlocked, it will work with any simcard, from any carrier in the world. With at&t's pressure Apple soon released a software update for the iPhone that would relock the device back to its original carrier, closing the hole in the original software.

This cat and mouse game went on and on for years: Hackergroups like the iPhone Devteam released new unlock solutions, and Apple would close them with each and every iOS update.
None of the unlock solutions that were discovered by these hackergroups were permanent in nature, unlocking your device could cause a lot of hassle since the unlock software was far from bug free, but it did the trick.

Temporarily atleast. The software unlock solutions had many downsides: The unlock would only last as long as the next iOS update, and it would require a jaibreak of the device prior to the unlock. Jailbreaking voids the warranty of the expensive iPhone.

Also it was not possible to sync the iPhone with iTunes, doing so would re-lock the device.

Since the beginning of this year a much better unlock is availble: IMEI based unlocks, where the unique IMEI number of the iPhone's is added to the official Apple database of unlocked devices.

IMEI unlocks, also called factory unlocks are permanent unlocks that dont have the negative side effects of the software based unlocks. Factory unlocks do not void the warranty on the phone, and dont require a jailbreak.

Also you can Sync your iPhone with iTunes and update to newer iOS versions, without worrying that the iPhone will ever re-lock again. This permanent unlock solution has many benefits over the software unlocks, and hardware unlock solutions like the Gevey sim.

So if you are considering an iPhone unlock, make sure to use the far superiour IMEI Unlock solution.

For more information on IMEI based unlocks, visit


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      saif113sb 5 years ago

      Great information .

      Thank you


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      Anonymous00 5 years ago

      Nice report =)