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Optoma HD65 720p DLP Home Theater Projector Reviews

Updated on June 7, 2011

Here is a specific report on the Optoma HD65 720p DLP Home Theater Projector . According t o the manufacturer, the Optoma Home Theater Projector features amount of connections and functionality. It is powered by DLP technology. And lively and vibrant image quality and picture performance can be deliered by the HD65. Optoma is famous for its 1600 lumens, 4000:1 contrast ratio which result in high definition and smooth and fluid pictures. Another surprise is that it is smart or diminutive, only 4 pounds. So it is portable.

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Along with are some compliments from the experts. They followings are some picked up highlights about Optoma HD65 Projector Highlights.

it is definitely good out of the box color 

It is quite different from most of the 5x wheels DLP projector as it has only a 4x color filter wheel which provides more rainbows. 

Its zoom lens is only 1.1:1 which is contributed to easy set; you can put it on the table or mount it to the ceiling. 

its reasonable price should be appreciated 

Also some of the buyers have been asked about the Optoma and they were friendly to offer their reviews and experience about the Optoma Projector.

One customer spoke highly of the Optoma Projector's great and accurate colors, natural skin tones, good contrast, bright image, silent fan and considerate inputs needed. He then recommended that it is better to use a gray matte surface screen when watching movies while the matte white surface screen is suitable for playing games wonderfully.

Another one was excited to express that the Optoma HD65 Home Theator Projector impressed him a lot for its rich, saturated, bright image and much more lumens. He said he even tried to switch it back to the cinema mode and the projector can fill about 120'' of his 128'' screen. The effect was satisfactory, he said at last.

However, there are also some shortages about it. From the interview, some of the customers felt that the back light in the remote control is so bright that it burns their eyes. Some hold the view that the HD65 may not be satisfied for everyone, for example its small size, leaking light and limited in terms of placement flexibility.

Hope all these information would be helpful for the potencial buyers! Thank you very much.


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