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Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Updated on March 29, 2012

Technical Oracle Interview tough nowadays

Technical Oracle database interview becomes toughest nowadays. Lots of new features are introduced in every versions of database. Even new features is being introduced in simple beta versions too. Every company uses various applications and those application depends on database. Different application is being developed using various Oracle database features like large object, java, context index, bitmap index, partition table, partition index, xml, automatic storage management, data-mart, etc.

These all things are requiring high level of database maintenance in complex environment. Due to these all reasons, different kind of expertise are required by every company for Oracle database administrator. Company's hiring technical interview absolutely depends on their own requirements. Company and hiring managers are taking toughest interviews of candidate with expectations of all features awareness of Oracle database specialists. For achieving this, they are asking trick questions using real time scenario based.


Real Time Scenario Interview Questions

What are the real time scenario based questions?

Real time scenario based questions are absolutely depending on same incident. Take an example, your database is crashed and you got error of missing or invalid data file error during database starting up. What you would do?

If any end user came with complain about his report is running very slow in this situation what are your suggestion and investigation.

If you are running database without archiving utility and your database crashed. How to recover it without archive files.

One of your partition table index becomes invalid, table size is very large and people are accessing same table at present, how to resolve issue.

There are lots of trick and real time scenario based queries you can get from real time stories and incidents.These types of questions are not easy to understand and need good depth knowledge to address. Without experience and intermediate candidate cannot handle this kind of questions during interview. Sometimes, high experienced interviewee is also not able to understand and recognize it. Finally, result is failure in job interview. You would loose good opportunity.

Basic Knowledge Essential to Address Tough Questions

How to address this situation during technical job interview?

If you are able to search online using Google and specify keywords "Oracle DBA Interview Questions", then you would get lots of resources and sample questions answers. Unfortunately, those all are obsolete and outdated. Because if you check, posting date of article or forum threads then it was before 2 years or 3 year older. During last 3 years, Oracle introduced so many new features and trend of interviewer changes as per requirement of company. Therefore, those are completely unusable and not helpful nowadays.

For understanding any trick technical questions, you need basic knowledge of Oracle architecture and confidence. If you have good fundamental knowledge then you are able understand those questions, scenario, and incident for troubleshooting and able to answer properly. Good basic fundamental knowledge always brings self confidence. With self confidence you cannot confuse easily in any situation with any toughest question. For gaining good fundamental knowledge you should need to understand every feature of Oracle versions. For sharping your skills and Oracle DBA interview questions preparation, read good and expert books regularly.

Remember, one thing interviewer always tries to ask you questions about their own requirement as well as basic logical technical question for analyze your understanding and ability of troubleshooting in any toughest situation of company or disaster incident.

Basic Points to Remember In Technical Interview

Always Remember following important points during technical Interview preparation.

  1. Sharp your skill everyday.
  2. Always take participation in active online forums and communities.
  3. Always read carefully others problems and issues with replies.
  4. Read new version features and try to make own research and development.
  5. Create own Blog and maintain online activities.
  6. Make your presence in Social media like facebook, technoriti, and linkedin communities.
  7. If you have good knowledge then share knowledge with others.

How you prepare for technical interview of Oracle?

What is the most useful resource for technical interview preparation?

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