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Oracle Server Tuning

Updated on November 16, 2011

Oracle Server Tuning is not easy task

Challenging job of Oracle Server Tuning

Oracle Server Tuning

Oracle server tuning is not easy task because it requires too many expertise from database administrator. Routine tasks of Database Administrator are simple and easy like daily backup checking, space management, user security maintenance, logs and trace files checking and cleaning up etc.

But when we are talking about Oracle Performance Tuning then it is more critical than other software development job. Lots of expert Oracle Database Administrator fail to tune Oracle server. Why experienced Oracle DBA fail to troubleshoot Oracle server performance bottleneck? We can check here some of reasons of same.


Why experts are not able to tune Oracle Server?

There are many reasons.

  1. User complains always general and not specific.
  2. End users are non technical.

Above reasons are very common because end user always comes with complain of report or form slowness. They are not concern with coding, operating system, database, network or hardware. They are totally non-technical and due to this reason, their complaint is also general.

After getting complaint from user, how Database administrator acts that is main important. Because investigation of root cause of performance problem is not easy task. There are lots of other expertise needed to find out actual root cause of Oracle server performance bottleneck.

Network connectivity and monitoring: First network comes in to picture, not database because if network is slower then it doesn't problem with database server.

Application Coding changes: After network, application is directly coming into way because end users are using forms/report. Those are directly attaching with application.

Server CPU: After above stages, server CPU and hardware needs to be investigated for finding out root cause.

Database memory and Server memory: Database memory configuration and server memory configuration are affecting with contention and memory bottleneck.

Database Fragmentation: In last all database related configurations need to be checked.

But most of Oracle database administrator starts with last above point of database configuration and memory. When user is complaining, immediate Oracle DBA fires query about memory hit ratio or awr tools for checking bottleneck.

In short, we can say that if DBA find out problem with memory but didn't go for checking network then what would be result? Simple problem persists. Or after few minutes problem would be occurring. Of course, Oracle Server Tuning is not easy task and needs high level expertise in every domains like hardware, operating system, network, storage and application.

Oracle Server Tuning is easy

Oracle server tuning is easy if you are aware of following.

  • Hardware knowledge
  • Storage knowledge
  • Application awareness
  • Solid knowledge of Oracle secrets
  • Network concept
  • Depth knowledge of Oracle Architecture
  • Constant monitoring of database and server
  • Good experience

If you have above skills then Oracle server tuning is very easy for you.


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