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Order Replacement Warranty Parts Using Dell Online Self Dispatch

Updated on September 12, 2011
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Sam works as a Network Analyst for an algorithmic trading firm. He obtained his Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from UMKC.

Do you provide technical support for an organization with a large amount of Dell computer equipment? If so then Dell Online Self Dispatch (also known as DOSD) can save you and your employees a lot of time.

DOSD is a program offered by Dell which allows Dell customers to dispatch warranty parts themselves without having to call Dell's level 1 technical support for each issue.

Once registered for the DOSD program technicians within your organization can use the online portal to quickly dispatch parts for hardware issues.

The portal supports same day parts dispatch, and also provides the ability to dispatch an onsite Dell technician as needed. Dell also offers an optional labor remittance program as part of DOSD.

In this hub I will explain how to register for Dell Online Self Dispatch and also give you a look at how the system works.

Why use DOSD?

Anyone who has ever called Dell regarding a hardware failure knows that it can be a time consuming process to get a replacement part. The Dell phone operators will often require you to go through several troubleshooting steps even if you have already diagnosed the problem yourself.

The main idea behind DOSD is that skilled technicians within your company have the ability to troubleshoot the issue themselves without the assistance of Dell. This allows techs to spend more time solving issues and less time on the phone.

DOSD is ideal for the following situations

  • Organizations with a large number of Dell workstations, laptops, or servers
  • Tech support companies that support multiple customers with Dell equipment (labor remittance provides additional income)

How to Register for DOSD

To begin the registration process for Dell Online Self Dispatch visit the DOSD Enrollment Site. The enrollment will need to be completed by a company representative with the authority to sign contracts for the organization.

You will need to know your Dell customer number to complete the registration. This can be found on a past Dell purchase invoice or by contacting your account manager.

Your account manager should be familiar with DOSD and can walk you through the entire process.


Once your company is registered all of the technicians who will be dispatching parts must complete the online Dell certifications.

The certifications are divided into groups based on Dell's lines of business such as desktops, notebooks, servers, storage, etc.

Techs can complete one, or all of the certifications depending on their needs. For example a technician who's focus is servers is not required to complete the desktop certification.

The tests require minimal time and effort to complete, Dell requires that technicians renew the certifications each year.

Dispatching Parts

The process of dispatching parts through DOSD is quick and easy to do. Techs are required to enter the service tag of the Dell system in order to validate the warranty status before dispatching parts.

Once the system has been validated technicians can describe any troubleshooting they have performed in the dispatch notes. Parts can be selected through DOSD using a searchable system. Up to 4 parts are allowed on each dispatch.

The entire process can be completed in a couple of minutes which is a huge improvement over the traditional method which usually takes at least 15 minutes to complete.

Once the dispatch has been created you can track the status of it online and via email updates.

Dispatching Parts through DOSD
Dispatching Parts through DOSD

Other thoughts about DOSD

If you work with Dell systems on a daily basis then registering for DOSD will save you tons of time. DOSD is a great way to streamline the parts replacement process and save you from annoying and time consuming calls to tech support.

Registering for DOSD and completing the certifications requires a small investment of time upfront but once you start using you will wonder why you didn't sign up sooner.

© 2011 Sam Kear


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