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Oregon Trail: American Settler App Icon Tips

Updated on October 14, 2012

Oregon Trail: American Settler

Oregon Trail: American Settler is a fun, highly addictive app. However, there are few resources on-line that thoroughly explain the game. Below is a description of the various icons that you will need to use while playing the game.


At the top of the screen you will see your available resources.

On the top far left is your coin icon. You will want to purchase most everything with coins as you can earn those by performing certain actions like collection rent on a house or building. You can purchase additional coins by selecting the green plus sign next to the coins. You can purchase 2000 coins for $10 of game cash. 5500 coins for $25 of game cash, or 12,000 coins for $50 of game cash.

Next to coins is the cash (dollars) icon. It is hard to earn cash in the game. If you have to purchase more cash you can touch the green plus sign next to your available cash. You can purchase $10 cash in the game by paying $1.99 in US dollars. $4.99 in US dollars will get you $26 cash in the game and so on.

The third resource is lumber. You earn lumber by cutting down trees. Don't worry, they are a renewable resource. You can plant new trees and they grow quickly. You will need lumber when building homes, buildings, barns, etc. You will also need lumber when making certain supplies like paper. You will in turn use the paper for many other supplies like mallets, guns, cloth, and hand drills. You wil also need lumber for medical supplies like herbs and mortar. These medical supplies then be used to make other medical supplies like splints, bandages, and needles. You can also buy lumber by selecting the green plus sign. I never found it necessary as you can purchase saplings for 100 coins and they grow in a matter of hours.

The chicken leg icon to the right of lumber is for food. You can obtain food by buying animals and collectind the food from your animals. Don't worry, they won't die. Somehow, they keep providing food. You can also collect food by growing crops.

To the right of the food icon is a blue lightning bolt. This is your energy icon. Every action you take requires 1 energy. You only get 25 energy to start out with and it takes 3 minutes to replenish 1 energy. Once you run out of the energy you have to wait until your energy renews before you can take any additional action. This slows the game down. I will usually play for 10 minutes and use all my energy, wait an hour or so for my energy to renew, and then play some more. Another option is to purchase energy. I have never spent money on energy. The cost is about $1 for 1 energy. The farther you go in the game the more energy you will be allotted at a time, up to 50 energy.

To the right of energy is the silver badge (stars) icon. This is your XP. You obtain badges by doing actions like collecting rent, collecting food from your animals, collecting food from your crops, and cutting down a tree. As you accumulate badges you will increase to the next level and obtain additional energy.

Live Option

On the top right side of the screen is the blue live option. It is a blue box with a white G in it. This is for Gameloft LIve. Registering with Gameloft Live is optional. Signing up for Live will allow you to connect with other players and visit their towns. This will help you with some of the optional quests.


The lower right side of the screen contains a brown bag. This is your tool bag. If you touch the bag it will open and the contents of the bag will go up the right side of the screen.

At the top of the opened bag there are two blue cogs. This will take you to your options that include Customer Support and Forums. Both of these options require internet access but they are good resources for getting your questions answered.

Also on the tools screen is your Options tab. You can change the volume of the sound and music, change the language, and select options for your notifications. I keep all of my notification options on.

Below the blue tool cogs is an icon for a little blond haired girl and a little brunette boy. Selecting this icon will take you to your friends' towns. You can visit a nearby town and perform a hand full of actions there. The nearby town is standard town not run by a particular person. You can go and perform up to 5 actions in this nearby town. If you are low on food, money, or lumber, you can go into the nearby town and collect rent on a house, pick a crop, or cut down a tree. Actions in the nearby town are limited in how frequently they can be used.

While in Your Friends Section you can also visit a random town. This requires internet access. It is an actual town maintained by another player. This is a great resource to see how other towns are organized. Each time you select visit a random town you will see a different town.

You can also add your Gameloft Live friends in this section. This will allow you to complete more quests and earn rewards.

Below the icon of the two little kids is an icon for a little white house with a red roof and blue floor. This icon allows you to see where the buildings, animals, people, and plots of land are located This is helpful when items are close together and it is hard to select the right item to perform the right action.

The brown wooden box on the right side of the screen is your inventory. If you have extra medical supplies, buckets, guns, bricks, fire, worms, paper, etc., it will be shown here. You can select an item for use or sell it. I have found that the price to sell is usually less than it cost to purchase or make the item. It is generally not worth it unless you are desperate for money. Selling your items comes in the form of coins.

Finally, the yellow basket with the carrot and corn in it is where you can purchase homes, buildings, animals, various town accessories, additional energy, food, lumber, and land. Once you click on the yellow basket a new screen will open. There are tabs at the top of this screen dividing up the types of products you can purchase. Select the tab you are interested in and then scroll through your options. If you select the cow tab, for instance, it will bring you to all of the animals that you can purchase. More items are available for purchase with coins but there are some items that require cash (dollars). However, this can be avoided by only purchasing products that require coins.

Other Icons

On the left side of the screen there are two icons. On the top left side of the screen is a face. Hopefully it is a happy face. This will tell you that you are taking good care of your town. If your townsfolk are suffering from illness, lack of food, etc., then you will receive a sad face. Not to worry though, it is fairly easy to recover. If you have stepped away from your game for a few days, use your energy to collect rent and you will again see a happy face.

On the bottom left side of the screen there is an envelope. This envelope will contain tasks or quests for you to complete. The quests often have several tasks like grow 20 cabbage crops and 50 carrot crops. Once you complete your quest you will receive a reward.

That should cover all of the icons you will see on Oregon Trail: American Settler. Happy playing!


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