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Outdated information on the Internet

Updated on May 22, 2011

The four most important characteristics for any data to be considered as information are:

1. Usefulness-the info should help in reaching to a decision

2. Reliability-source should be present & considered reliable

3. Sufficiency-half information is worse than none!

4. Timeliness- is it there soon enough OR dead late to be meaningful!

For almost all information found on the Internet we do find the first three properties but certainly not the fourth one that is timeliness. To my experience Internet is full of redundant and outdated information.

Redundancy is necessary but up to a limited extent. After that it’s useless. Suppose when you Google for one topic and tens or maybe a few hundred diverse posts come up...then its fine, but when a thousand results come up and more than half of them are exactly alike then it is useless redundancy.

Outdated information also is not handled properly by the website administrators. They publish new content but do not remove outdated content regularly...pages which are not being viewed or are outdated...should be removed and better kept in Archives.

Also, Search engines like Google should have a method to automatically delete from its index the pages which are older than a specific date. Not only will it help the users to find the closest and updated information easily, but it will also reduce the size of their index databases.



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