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Federal driver's license 2017

Updated on January 2, 2017
The new Federal ID
The new Federal ID | Source


There is a change when getting a driver’s license in U.S. it is now going into effect. January 2012 I renewed my driver’s license, so my next renewal date is the year 2017 now because my license was not in my possession I had to go get a duplicate license. So now, it is March 2012 and I had two options either to get the “Federal ID” or the “Regular ID” with or without fingerprints on the license. They told me that the fingerprint was for fraud or identity theft. This is sounding like the movie face-off to me at this point. The year 2017 is the cut off date that all citizens in the U.S. will need to change there Drivers License to this new National ID and I bet the fingerprints will be mandatory as well.

Check with your state because you must have proper ID and name matching documents. The following documents are required to renew your license and to apply for one in WV as of today.

  • You must have one (1) proof of Social Security Card
  • You must have one (1) proof of Identity Passport or Birth Certificate
  • You must have two (2) forms of proof of WV residency such as Utility bills

In explaining the change, DMV stated that this Federal ID would give me access to federal buildings and to airplanes. Now I know communication, rules and regulations are different everywhere you go. You will receive a temporary glossy paper Federal ID license and within 5-7 business days you will receive the official one by UPS. All licenses in the U.S. will require additional identifying documents. Check the Drivers License New Requirement List in your state for all the documentation that you will need.


Identity Card

It is possible you will be driving without a driver’s license when it comes time for renewal. I read that there are people turned away because their information is incorrect and if you get a divorce, and did not completely get you documents back in your maiden name when it comes time for renewal you will run into to a bump in the road. It is my understanding that is will take a while to get divorce papers depending on where you live and if you are trying to renew on your birthday you and your car will be parked. This is for the regular driver’s license and the National ID. Do not let a fire or flood catch your papers before renewal.

After walking out of the twilight zone at the DMV, I did a little research. The name of this card called PASS ID (Providing for Additional Security in States) represents a change from a state Driver’s License to a National ID Card. This change came with controversy because of the REAL ID Act (Rearing and Empowering America against acts of International Destruction) which went to Congress in 2005. Being controversial due to staggering costs and because Senate committee did not conduct the meetings prior to passing. Do we really need Rearing and Empowering against acts of International Destruction? I thought passports was good enough these days for international travel and would take on a status such as the National ID. If you have a passport, in 2006, they have chips in them and the information is stored. However, not everyone has a passport and it is costly.

It was explained to me that when you have the fingerprint on the DL that is intended to fight fraud not.  The Yellow Star means Federal ID.
It was explained to me that when you have the fingerprint on the DL that is intended to fight fraud not. The Yellow Star means Federal ID.

Information, Security or Fraud

This is more about information than it is security. Granted, the law stipulates that the States will issue the cards; however, The Department of Homeland Security will carry out the transformation. They will have the power to regulate the content, design of all state drivers’ licenses, and require that all of the underlying state databases link our information to a single national database. This is like fear mongering stuff and I know this raises suspicions about our governments’ actions. Now I feel like I am in three of a Bruce Willis' movie.

There are some privacy and security concerns on both of the cards and the technology link and document requirements are different in each state, they are either using face recognition technology or tracking devices on the license. So far, on the design, I know it is a Yellow Star in the top corner of the license and it is the shape of a sheriff’s badge in WV. Just reading about bio-metrics, chips, machine-readable zones, data collection, face recognition and fingerprinting, makes one think one day this PASS ID will probably be a necessity to go to a Yankees game, enter a hospital or bank and and even crossing over to the next state besides what it is originally meant for.

Try getting more information at

What technology does your state use on Driver’s Licenses?


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