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How To Check Your Computer Files From Anywhere

Updated on December 23, 2013

A Stolen Laptop

PC Data Recovery Software

Laptop Cop for Effective PC Data Recovery

There is a new software out there called LAPTOP COP, which is one of the best PC data recovery software that I have personally seen.

It is the ONLY complete anti-theft solution that delivers all 4 of the critical steps necessary to protect yourself and your computer if it's ever stolen or lost.

Did you know a laptop get stolen every 53 seconds?

That is one of the most shocking things that can happen to a person that holds on their data on a machine that is not secure or ready for theft.

I have spoken to so many people that use this software and they truly swear by it.

In the corporate and business world having a backup of your items can truly determine if you will be keeping your job or not.

Believe it or not, it is usually the responsibility of the laptop or PC owner to secure and backup their data quite frequently. This is where Laptop Cop comes in.

I work in the Information Technology field, so I know how it is for some to lose all of their data , especially if they don’t ever back it up. Data can make or break a career if it is only on one source or media.

Can you imagine losing all of your pictures, e-mail, and other files that have been with you for several years. Most people are not usually equipped or have the knowhow to back up their data successfully.

That why it is very easy to use this data recover software to get the job done quickly and easily. I use it for my laptop and office computer at home and it works quite well.

I also like the idea that if I ever get my laptop stolen or misplaced, that I can find it remotely and see what the thief is doing with it. You have to love technology these days.

Recovering the laptop is only one part of the process with so much important information being stored on computers today. For most the most part, retrieving irreplaceable things like photos and personal files while stopping a thief from viewing private information is even more important these days. This is where Laptop Cop comes into play.

Laptop Cop is more or less an invisible piece of software that gives you personal access to your computer remotely over the Internet. This doesn’t matter where the thief takes your laptop. By being able to take control your laptop without the thief knowing this brings to light a whole world of new possibilities that go beyond the fact of just recovering the computer. Your laptop actually opens up to you form the location of the thief.

You have heard the stats that a million laptops get stolen each year right? This is costing businesses a small fortune in lost productivity and hardware. Laptop Cop is a laptop-retrieval service that just added a new feature that includes a “real-time geo location.”

Laptop Cop is a uniquely “stealth” software that gets activated only when a laptop gets stolen or lost. Once this happens, you can locate the missing system remotely. Did you know that the company can also get the cops involved if necessary?

Cool Features:

  • You can back up your data quickly and easily
  • You can geographically locate your stolen laptop and retrieve all of your information.
  • You can retrieve data files from your stolen laptop or computer when it is not in your possession. This can be done via the internet when the thief has it connected on their end.
  • You can delete files from your Stolen Computer - Remotely! This is a great thing to have especially when you don't want the thief to access your data.
  • Now you can monitor and control the thief that has stolen your machine, so that you can recover it successfully. This usually leads to successful recoveries of stolen laptops

Special Benefits:


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