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PC Virus: What Can a PC Virus Do for You?

Updated on July 17, 2010

PC Virus: What Can a PC Virus do For You?

We've all heard of them, but few of us have enough information to make intelligent decisions. A seemingly never-ending supply of PC virus products confuses even the most geeky computer users. Here are a few popular PC viruses to help you with your choices.

PC Virus: W32/AutoIt.AEY

Also known as "Irving" or "Prickly Pete", this nasty PC virus behaves as a "Trojan", which means it arrives at your computer disguised as a picture of a horse. It drops the following files into your computer:

  • Xplorer.exe in Windows folder,
  • KHATARNAKH.exe in Windows folder,
  • gHost.exe in Windows\System folder, and
  • KHATRA.exe in Windows\System32 folder.

This horrible little PC virus wants to steal your keystrokes and send them to India, where they don't have enough keystrokes. Every time you press a key, malicious software records what you pressed. Pressing too many keys too quickly will cause your computer to run slowly, which it probably does anyway.

The best way to get rid of this virus is to rename the \Windows folder to NotTheWindowsFolder and reinstall Solitaire.

PC Virus: W32/AutoRun.BFSP

The W32/AutoRun.BFSP PC virus disguises itself as a worm and infects your computer without your consent. Pet owners are particularly susceptible to this virus. W32/AutoRun.BFSP is also known as:

  • Win32/PSW.OnLineGames.OUM,
  • Worm.Taterf.CYA
  • Trojan.Agent.WD, and
  • W32/Lineage.LKB.

Obviously you will have to run PC virus removal software 5 times in order to be sure all vestiges of the virus are erased from your system.

The W32/AutoRun.BFSP worm wants to monitor the web sites you visit and cause pop up ads to appear on your screen. It carefully analyzes your web site activity, compares your preferences with current trends, and always brings up an advertisement for a free credit report.

PC Virus: W32/Buzus.CRWG

The W32/Buzus.CRWG trojan attacks your computer with great enthusiasm. Once installed, it adds a colorful 3-dimensional icon to your task bar. Clicking on the icon brings up the current weather in East Timor. Unfortunately the temperature is in Kelvin, making the information essentially worthless.

This virus places two files in your "My Documents" folder: hvi.exe and jhb.exe. It also places 2 files in your \Windows\System folder: wmispqd.exe and secupdat.dat.

WARNING: This virus deletes all the files in D:\Temp\qBert\Plugh\Ovaltine, which makes this infection a serious threat for any computer users who store sensitive information in D:\Temp\qBert\Plugh\Ovaltine.

PC Virus: W32/Koobface.CMC

The W32/Koobface.CMC worm is a poorly written virus that crashes when it tries to install itself. It drops a file called freddy75.exe in the \Windows folder, but the file causes a security violation upon execution. The operating system immediately deletes freddy75.exe and moves it into the Recycle Bin. No damage is incurred by the computer. Ordinary users can remove the virus without special permissions or advanced training. Many computers have been infected with W32/Koobface.CMC since the early 1990's with no ill effects.

W32/Koobface.CMC authors are currently working on an upgrade for the virus and a new version is expected in time for the back-to-school virus season.They sincerely regret any inconvenience they may have not caused.

PC Virus: W32/Trudeau.KT

The W32/Trudeau.KT virus disguises itself as an eBook, a podcast, or a free download. Once installed, it broadcasts warning messages through your audio system whenever you visit a web site that ends in ".gov". It also attempts to prevent you from downloading any information from government web sites, but it doesn't do a very good job.The following files are installed in the c:\Windows\System32 folder:

  • BigPharmaHatesYourGuts.exe
  • BanksAreRunByAliens.dat

The antidote to this virus is to enable the Common Sense check box in your brain.


This represents a tiny fraction of the universe of available PC Virus software. Don't make a decision without careful research; try out a few PC viruses before making a final decision. It's your computer, after all. How you infect it is completely up to you. Don't give in to peer pressure or jump on the current PC virus trends. Simply because a PC virus is popular doesn't ensure that it will be right for you.


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    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      So many viruses out there - thanks for reminding us to keep that antivirus on even if it does slow down the PC - I had a trojan once and it was a nightmare to clean up.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      nicomp - I had one of those nasty PC viruses once - it made my nose drip, and my eyes run, and I was sneezing and coughing and wheezing and everything!

    • FuzzyCookie profile image

      FuzzyCookie 7 years ago

      win32:sality is the one virus that totally and completely ruined my pc. It even creates and .exe of your antivirus program. My stupid brother turned the antivirus off to isntall a game on the pc and BANG! it totally deactivated the antivirus.

      but when kaspersky is on, nothing can harm my pc :D

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @websclubs: Thanks!

    • websclubs profile image

      websclubs 7 years ago

      Hi Nicomp,

      Computer users A tiny fraction of the universe:

      Research PC Virus software-- It's completely up to you!

      Don't give in to peer pressure or current trends. Simply being popular doesn't mean that it will be right for you...

      Back-to-school virus season--

      Do they sincerely regret any inconvenience they may have caused you?

      PC Virus! Attacks your computer with great enthusiasm-- Like a worm it carefully analyzes your web site activity, compares your preferences with current trends, and cause ads to appear on your computer screen... Every time you press a key, Virus cause your computer to run slowly.

      "Many computers have been infected"

      Not a computer geek, still enough information to help you make intelligent decisions.

      AWESOME hub post very informative Thanks.