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How to Repair BIOS Screen Froze

Updated on July 2, 2017
PC repair - PC not booting up
PC repair - PC not booting up | Source

Repairing PC is Easy and Cost Effective

Here is a good hub about guide to BIOS screen froze in computer repair.

Have you thought of buying new PC setup or buying a new CPU when you seem to have problems with your PC?

Well, try to learn few tips and tricks to find out the main problem so that you can give the less expensive approach to buy an item or sometimes even not buying any item at all.

I mean just by doing few tricks.

Our problem in this topic is about the Windows OS not booting up or loading into your system.

My PC was just fine when one time it froze and I can't move my mouse. I just thought maybe some JavaScript programs were messing my PC.

I just turned my PC off for the reset. Again, it turned on just normally. I was playing my favorite First Person Shooter Game, CODWAW and it was just fine without any problem.

Later, I surfed something on the net and it froze again. I thought it was the new antivirus I installed, so I uninstalled it and replaced with the old antivirus I had with my PC. After few days, my PC went on just fine again.

One day, I encountered the freezing of the PC just after loading the desktop windows. That time, I thought, Ah! Spyware must have been the cause.

I disconnected my PC from the Internet just to disconnect my PC to any hacker who may have hooked up my PC for hacking information thing.

Then, it happened again. It froze after I opened a browser.

Guide to BIOS screen froze in computer repair.
Guide to BIOS screen froze in computer repair. | Source

Indication of Hard Disk Failure

I was so frustrated of the problem that I thought of thinking buying new PC setup or maybe just motherboard or reformatting my Windows. I was deeply confused!

I cooled down myself and was thinking of opening my PC for the moment.

Then I remembered that by checking if the fan of the processor is running, motherboard problem could be excluded and check for other causes.

I was right, the fan of the processor was fine.

Guide to BIOS screen froze in computer repair.
Guide to BIOS screen froze in computer repair. | Source

Best think to remember in this guide to BIOS screen froze in computer repair.

The PC was running but Windows desktop display froze up. Nothing was moving.

From time to time, I was removing other devices like video card, DVD ROM drive, etc. just to check if they would cause the problem.

At the end, my PC did not open the Windows OS any longer.

The PC just stuck up with the BIOS screen not loading anything for few minutes, it was said that SMART detected that my hard disk was not OK or Command Failed.

There, I concluded that it was a hard disk problem.

Of my ten years of PC repair, I remembered that I had this problem before and I just replaced new Hard Disk from my old PC and there it went, my PC just started normally.

If you have encountered similar problem, just don't hesitate to comment below or contact me for free support.

Some of you guys out there might also know more than this problem here, so please add more information to help fellow PC users.

And now you know lots about guide to BIOS screen froze in computer repair.

What is your common PC problem?

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© 2013 Mark Johann


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