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PC Gaming Mouse

Updated on July 18, 2010

While not every gamer will want to splurge the sums required for a gaming mouse, for those who want a better experience playing games, here are some of the best pc gaming mouse out there:

The best bang for buck for the high end professional gaming mice!

It has an ergonomic design, that can also be easily used in the other hand. It packs a powerful laser and is great for any sort of games, and even precision works.It also has the advantage of tracking well on a bad surface without a mouse pad.

It also looks great as is the case with most razer mouse except for the starcraft 2 razer mice. All in all one of the best mouse money can buy in a value added bundle. Amazon has proven to have some of the better prices for it, and frequently stocks it under $50. (Retail is $60)

This logitech mouse has decent build quality, but is a tad overpriced.

Its key selling point is its ability to change grips.

If you have no need for that, then its probably not worth it to pay the extra premium.

Like many gaming mouses, it also has onboard memory that keeps items like keybinds or sensitivity settings

If price is a concern, you would do much better with a mx518

The razer mamba is probably the most expensive mice out there at the moment. Its great for people who hate wires, or alternate between a laptop.

Why is that so?

It is because the extra cost you pay for the mice goes towards making it one of the best wireless mice with the ability to go into cable form. If you will have no use for the cordless mode, then there is no point getting this mouse. Conversely, if you do want a wireless mouse, you will have to ask yourself if this is worth the price. Having used it for a while I can confidently say that you won't be short changed buying this mouse, but you must carefully decide as to whether the wireless function is worth the premium that you pay. This can be as much as $50 just for the wireless functionality. But even while wireless you would still feel as you were using a gaming mouse.


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