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PLEXIS Software Platforms

Updated on August 2, 2016

Core Admin + Claims Processing

Core Administration + Claims Processing engines

Payers rely on the PLEXIS' trusted, modern core admin & claims processing software to process claims quickly and accurately while automating the complexities of benefit admin to capture a speedy ROI and deliver exemplary customer service/engagement.

Why choose PLEXIS software?

The flexible, scalable PLEXIS platform software is built on open architecture to deliver automated functionalities and streamlined efficiencies throughout healthcare payers' business ecosystems.

PLEXIS' platform software is comprised of three primary building blocks that are engineered to drive the industry's highest rates of auto-adjudication while processing the largest claim volumes. Learn more by downloading our case study: Power, Performance, and Scalability.

Platform Software

PLEXIS Payer Platforms
PLEXIS Payer Platforms | Source

Platform explanatory video


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