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PROSE check trains in the world’s longest tunnel

Updated on March 1, 2016

As part of the tests leading to the June 2016 opening of the 57-km Gotthard Base Tunnel, PROSE is helping to verify that all foreseen train types can use the tunnel. The tunnel’s main contractor, AlpTransit Gotthard, asked PROSE to install a device to verify that a train’s current collector does not lift the overhead contact wire excessively as it passes. In more technical terms, PROSE’s wire-lift gauge measures how far each passing pantograph lifts the tunnel’s catenary. Only locomotives and trainsets that keep lift within prescribed limits will get permission to run as scheduled trains through the tunnel.

PROSE already operates Switzerland’s other wire-lift gauges. The installation of a new lift gauge in the Gotthard tunnel, which is designed for speeds up to 250 km/h, is an important milestone for PROSE’s accredited test laboratory.

As part of the running tests, PROSE is also measuring the contact force between pantograph and catenary on the locomotives and trainsets of Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and other operators to verify their suitability.

PROSE is pleased to be helping commission the new Gotthard railway tunnel, the world’s longest, which will bring mobility in Switzerland and Europe a major step forward.


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