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PSY Gentleman M/V - Reaction News

Updated on June 22, 2014
Photographer:  Georges Biard
Photographer: Georges Biard | Source

The first minute of this super cool video

Play by play super funny antics & cool tunes earned PSY 100,000,000 views + in only 3 days on Youtube. (Below is written out some of the many awesome scenes, for meme makers and parody makers to utilize so they can benefit from this article if they wish.)

Lets all thank PSY "Thank you, you're super cool bro!"

The Sequel to Gangnam Style - Introducing..... "Gentleman"

Street Scene

Time: (Video duration in minutes)
0:01 - PSY starts out in the street with loads of bags.

  • He's accompanied by some old looking dudes
  • Who are carrying bags for him maybe, who knows?

0:03 - He starts finger pointing, with that impressive smirk on his face.

"He's must be up to something alright."

0:05 - That infamous yellow cone.

  • He suddenly field goal kicks it


0:06 - He breaks out that signature laugh of his.

  • Wearing some cool circular shaped sunglasses white rims and finger on snap.

0:07 - Drum drops.

  • Scene screen transition (watch for the antics upon each transition: stupid fun!)
  • Finger points simultaneously

Public Domain
Public Domain | Source

Shopping Scene

0:08 - PSY's chilling in that Monkey pose, with mouth wide open.

  • As him and his elder male entourage stare into the camera, heads bopping

0:10 - He poses alone hands down, at an angle a distance from the body.

  • He swings his torso and body into action with his new gentleman dance
  • With elbow to chin and cool as can be

0:11 - Hands raised with both hands ready to snap but.

  • Instead he's rubbing the for money to come :)

0:13 - He stands up after screen transition back to the monkey stance.

  • Points his index finger again at the camera

0:14 - He suddenly erupts his vocals out to the soundtrack.

  • Immediately after pointing and while walking forward

0:15 - Quickly he stares at the wall near a manikin.

"Huh? what the heck did he do that for? quite puzzling indeed".

0:16 - Guy with white hair and light blue suit top is carrying his bags.

  • The other bag dudes tag along behind him

0:18 - He looks again to the wall passing another manikin.
0:19 - He points one more time dead center at the camera.

  • Screen transition with his thumbs up high!

0:21 - Surprisingly PSY caresses a breast of the manikin wearing a black dress.

"Holy crap he must be horny!" Hah!

Outdoor Scene

0:22 - Sexy girl teases in a heated winding dancing motion.

  • With him throwing his hands out wide to the side
  • With his mouth wide open and a radiant smile

0:24 - Transition back to the hands up high shopping scene.

  • This time he start pumping his stuff humorously.

"Quite hilarious indeed." LOL

Playground Scene

0:25 - Guy in blue attire with reddish tie

  • Acts like wolverine or something from dragon-ball-Z stretching his arms out

0:27 - Back to that shopping scene again

  • PSY staring at the dude who looks like a doorman

0:28 - pumping himself more now

  • Arms wide and holding the poor guys shoulder blade

0:30 - He leaps into the Gangnam style move with a touch of a new hand gesture

  • Maybe that never seen before dance technique he once promised his fans
  • simultaneously the crazy blue guy hops into the picture
  • Maybe doing the running man move South Korean style or something like that

Workout Scene

0:34 - PSY on a iPhone plays with an app for Candy Something.

  • The keyword "Sweet!" is seen on its display

0:37 - Girl on the treadmill
0:38 - He stops it and she falls
0:42 - He busts out laughing and claps his hand after

You need to watch his video to see these times "To funny!"

Restaurant scene (You must watch first video installed here)

  • Some weird guy pumps his stuff in the glass window
  • PSY rudely tips the poor girls cup on purpose
  • Funny pumping guy there, throws up a Koolaid smile
  • Then does some magic fingers female dance move looking maneuver
  • With his hands or was it a gang sign

These dudes are crazy! in the silliest of ways "LOL"

Psy performing Future Music Festival in
Psy performing Future Music Festival in | Source

Hotel scene

0:46 - Yellow dude runs in the elevator one hand on crotch

  • He must need to take a piss as he hold crossed his legs

0:50 - Yellow dude appear to beg him to press the buttons already.

  • Instead PSY breaks out laughing

0:51 - He just goes wild pressing all the buttons torturing him.

"This silly moment had me LMFAO!"

0:53 - While he taunts him with the snake like dance,

  • He threw his hands up high pumping now like in the Gangnam Style elevator scene.

Office Scene

0:58 - with his finger in his butt it appears

  • He places his nasty finger under the nose of some poor girl
  • The swipes it like a metro card


1:00 - Infamous stage scene - to be continued!

The minute by minute play book here on Hubpages has taken to much of the screen, so stay tuned for much more to come soon. Crazy stuff!

Note: This page is copywritten, and cannot be duplicated onto any other website.

Copyright © 2013 Cloud Explorer


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