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PSY Gentleman M/V - Reaction News II

Updated on August 16, 2013

He is "The one" as Jet Li's movie years ago has put it

This part is a continuation of the first Reaction News for this series on "Gentleman" video by PSY. It is some hilarious and at the same time quite up-hauling to watch, and there isn't much to say but look and see the madness as it plays itself out. One things for certain that dude knows how to attract a world of an audience, and no matter what he throws up into action online and onto the Youtube platform.

As of the publishing of this hub article he has amounted a grand total of 100 million views + there, and this is set for a billion views record breaker once again as he's already done with Gangnam Style. Let's see if the meme masters and parody makers can keep up with his rash of a viral mega trending stats of only 3 days passing thus far.

Stage Scene

Time: (video minutes frame by frame)

1:00 - Stage full of ladies, and PSY in the middle.

  • He's wearing a awesome pink blazer suit jacket
  • holding one elbow and finger knuckle thumb portion on his chin
  • The Ladies hair are all swinging fourth and back like a horse in unison
  • some gentlemen are there too with with the same pose as him
  • The all are swaying with the new patented dance movement

1:02 - He looks up slightly.
1:04 - Nods his finger in the sort of no no motion effect.
1:06 - With his hands up high again, this time swaying with the beat.

Psy performing in Sydney, Australia
Psy performing in Sydney, Australia | Source

Outdoor Soccer Scene

1:09 - Him with some kids huddled around a soccer ball.
1:10 - Water sprinkler sprays behind him at a angle.

  • Kids now to the left of the screen

1:11 - He gives that ball a swift kick up high in the air, like he's a football player.
1:12 - He's ecstatic opening his arms wide in a glory moment

  • His mouth wide open like he's yelling for joy
  • As he claps his hands together in a cynical happiness motion

1:15 - He starts that pumping action again

  • Water sprinkling from the left now
  • This time the kids are covering their eyes in shock
  • while one young girl kneeling on the ground laughs

From one hubber to another Youtube report

Beach Chair Scene

1:17 - Music suddenly reverses into a stall or pause.

  • His mouth is open super wide
  • All you see is his Face with them cool glaces this time with silver frames
  • He break out his Lyrics from his mouth

1:18 - He's now rubbing some hot ladies tummy

  • She's wearing a violet colored bathing suit

"wow!" where did this scene come from is he dreaming now LOL

1:19 - Pick wine glass to the left,.

  • Another awesome curvy lady
  • with oil on her back and his hand on it appears
  • He rubs her back briefly

Bathroom Scene

1:20 - some bald guy staring into the mirror with blow dryer in hand
"Now this is freaking funny!" what in the world is he doing?

1:21 - Someone pulls the top off of the ladies bathing suit

  • Potentially PSY did it or was it the bald guy

1:23 - Guy wearing a blue sports suit, and

  • some other dude in reddish tank top and pants
  • rubbing one another back to back
  • With PSY underneath them, all are laughing their ass off it seems
  • He's bopping his head again


New Restaurant Scene

1:25 Him holding the waist of a lady in a pink dress

  • He's wearing a Suit
  • with a silver streaked jacket on the sleeves and front

1:26 - He rudely pulls the chair from underneath her

  • She hits the deck hard
  • He busts out laughing hard this time and Claps
  • she's hysterical and looks upset
  • some waiter looking dude with a tuxedo
  • leaps to her rescue with concern over to her direction

1:29 - Helping her up to her feet and she smiles.
1:30 - Then he drag her back down to the floor.

  • guess who busts out laughing

"what in the world did he do that for?" Oh how rude! of them both

1:31 - As he laughs too a huge one

  • swaying his finger upwards.

1:32 - They both dance to it all like its a celebration or something.
"Too weird, and oh so unrighteous indeed." What kind of gentlemen are they hmmm...

What a Gentleman he is - LOL

Psy in March 2012, during a press conference for a Korean television show Superstar K4.
Psy in March 2012, during a press conference for a Korean television show Superstar K4. | Source

Library Scene

1:33 - PSY with a shark looking mad man face rages towards the camera.

  • Yells out loud "Reeya" or something like such

1:34 - The work out scene instantly re-emerges.

  • Lady there with a massive "G" symbol on her T-shirt top
  • Is looking fed up to the left
  • Her stomach gets displayed

1:35 - Her sitting on a trend master machine.
1:36 - It's him again staring at her back side I suppose, who knows!
1:38 - He's staring at her.
1:39 - Removes his puzzle pieces imprinted looking blazer jacket.
1:41 - He hits her in the eye with it.

"WTH" now that must have hurt her, holy cow batman.

1:42 - Then he starts doing some crazy pull ups, as to make fun of her.
1:44 - Throws at her a devilish expression with face pointing up high.

  • He stares at her once more, such a helpless victim
  • Hinger on his nose

"He must be planning something else"

  • The girl with the G shirt looks stunned holding his jacket there
  • As he darts his finger at her and walks away

1:45 - He wags his neck and head with a scent of arrogance.
1:47 - She gets up looking angry and runs after him.


Dinner time scene

1:49 - Him and another lady appears there on the scene

  • He throws his arms out wide
  • They both wearing all black
  • She looks like shes ready for the meal with a sexy skimpy short dress on

1:50 - She kicks over his tool of a chair and he hits the ground hard
"Yeah baby, it's payback time" Hah!

1:51 - Of course that cool dude laughs it off.

1:52 - He pops open a bear or drink of some sorts

  • It sprays all over the place and on his face

1:53 - He has some sort of thick Asian noodle wrapped around his neck

  • He tosses it around his neck

1:54 - Begins dancing with his head on his head

  • Like he's making love to himself

1:55 - Chews off a piece of the Noodle

  • While jerking his neck to the left sharply

1:56 - Holds up a bowl of noodles while staring at his lady friend

  • begins to eat it

1:58 - Slurps a massive gulp into his mouth

1:59 - She holds hers with a single chopstick

  • Entering it in her mouth

2:00 - The screen plays slide show super skip on us

  • Fourth and back to the beat as the tempo increases rapidly

More to come on this cool play by play series.

This one is the sequel to his super successful Gangnam Style

PSY performs Gangnam Style at the KIIS-FM Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles
PSY performs Gangnam Style at the KIIS-FM Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles | Source


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Rasta1, I just made a reaction video to it, and it seems like its taking off so maybe I'm doing all the right things finally. We shall see bro in due time :) I loved his weird style of negative fun play there though. He's deep into reverse psychology as is many comedic style artists.

    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 

      5 years ago from Jamaica

      This is a very thorough commentary of the video. Psy is basically drawing attention to himself by being rude. All of the gestures made in the video is a taboo across all cultures. It is a negative video.


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