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PSY Gentleman M/V - Reaction News III

Updated on June 22, 2014
Author: Georges Biard
Author: Georges Biard | Source

That dude is awesome!

This is the re-enactment of the latest Gangnam Style sequel known as the Gentleman song, by PSY. It's the third minute account of every video clip minute action. This very article is set out to help those whom are seeking to create parodies out of this cool new video that has already earned a whopping 223,599,835 views as of the publishing of this article here on the Hubpages writers network.

To become successful today does indeed take amazing strides at times of mega popularity, and that guy who has shocked the world once, is doing it once again. This article will also showcase much of the reactions from the world of fans of his music.

Coming all the way from South Korea, PSY has surely come a long way, and is now paving a new age method to change the worlds view of how Youtube can become a super power for artistry, and for those who simply want to have fun! on a global scale.

His new single is 3 minutes and 54 seconds long, and so the next article shall end this series, but keep in mind his success story with it all, shall be talked about for ages upon ages, because it shall even break his first record of 1.5 billion views on the Gangnam Style massive sensation.

Tent Scene

Time: (video minutes frame by frame)

2:00 - PSY and his Lady friend holding hands Dash out the tent

  • Him smiling devilishly, with right arm swung to the right hand side & straight

2:02 - He leaps further outwards with his mouth even wider now

  • They fade off the scene


New Stage Scene

2:04 - Scene transitions to the Stage Scene, with them swinging from side to side.

  • The Ladies hair are all swinging fourth and back like a horse again
  • Just ladies and PSY 10 of them facing opposite him
  • They wearing black bottoms and white top, and so is PSY but he has a Blazer
  • Him and one lady other lady dressed in all black face the camera
  • Bright lights behind them with smoke piercing in varying angles, not crossing though

2:06 - Rapid 2 second transition to the Library Scene.

  • With 7 guys on the steps this time, in black and white suits
  • He has a baby blue blazer on now
  • One of the guys has blond hair
  • Their all swinging from side to side still
  • PSY has his hand on elbow again, other on chin

2:07 - Transition back to the ladies on the stairs now from the Stage Scene.

  • All 10 of them staggered along the steps swinging side to side

2:08 - Another quick transition back to the Stage Scene.

  • Mixed with both the ladies and gentlemen swinging side to side

2:09 - Positions switch and a ladies booty is showing now.

  • She's facing the men, the men are facing the camera
  • She's the one who stood with him who wore the all back outfit
  • She has shorts, a blazer, and boots & a purse in hand
  • She turns her neck towards the camera
  • Camera zooms out revealing another girl on the left in all white
  • PSY standing to the right of the lady who turned her neck
  • They all together swing from side to side dancing

2:10 - Screen transition to each of them facing the camera at an angle now.

  • Hands all held up at 90 degree angles
  • Thumbs on snap position
  • They all swinging side to side again

2:11 - Drop of the drum quick transition back to the New Stage Scene's start.

  • Group swinging again
  • The camera rises upwards while zooming in closer, lasting 3 seconds

2:14 - Another transition back to guys and gals all with arms folds.

  • They all turning now in a clockwise direction in synchronization
  • While swinging hips and knees bent, legs spread about shoulder width apart

2:15 - PSY switches his hands down below to his hips area.

2:16 - They all step to complete the 360 or 180 degree rotation move in unison.

  • Hands go back up again at 90 degrees, and they still swinging everything


Beer Party Tent Scene

2:18 - "Celebration time"

  • He cracks open a beer
  • It bursts out foam

2:19 - "Gonna make you swet" he shouts out with a crowd of folks

  • Some funny dudes, 2 of them with the red stool chairs on their head
  • Looks like the one that got kicked from under him in the Tent Scene
  • The crowd starts jumping

2:20 - "Gonna make you swet" they shout

  • He shakes up the beer while bending towards his left
  • The beer foam shoots out the can
  • As he waves it passionately all over the place
  • Soaking himself for sure with the drink
  • With a frantic look on his face of crazy joy, and wildness
  • Both guys hoping with the red chair like a frog, one isn't visible behind PSY

2:21 - "Gonna make you wet!"

  • "You know who I am" He and the crowd yells loud

2:23 - He grabs onto some ladies head standing next to him caressing it

  • While the crowd behind him is doing the Harlem shake perhaps

LOL, Wow they know how to do that dance too. "Awesome!"

2:23 - Some lady playing with a drum stick in the air in the crowd (towards the left)

  • One of the chairs partially visible being paraded fourth and back in the crowd

"Yikes its getting crazy"

2:24 - Transition rotation of the camera

  • The guys still jumping like frogs with the chairs
  • Everyone going apes bananas at this point
  • Behind the red chair hopping dude, there's one guy upside down
  • Then there's another dude holding his leg going crazy with it


  • PSY takes a single hump of the Lady in Black he was caressing before

2:25 - He leaps with arms at the 90 degree, voice yelling

2:26 - "Wet PSY!" All these scenes repeat fourth and back

"I can't keep track now, LOL" :)

Public Domain
Public Domain | Source

Pool Scene - Continued!

2:26 - The scene flips fourth and back with ladies in bikinis

  • "Gonna make you swet" is shouted while he lashes his finger up and down
  • His Blazer changes from brown to white in split seconds (twice)

2:28 - Screen quickly transitions back to the Tent Party Scene

  • With him going wild with that can of beer again

"What's with the beer thing?"

  • Crazy dude with red stool on head kneeling down to his left
  • Crowd behind PSY
  • One guy holding the tents post, it has a quad light up above
  • "Gonna make you swet"
  • "Gonna make you wet"
  • "You know who I am...."
  • They all appear to shout out in the rowdy wild crowd of folks
  • "Wet PSY!" gets yelled after a brief pause

2:31 - Transition back to the Pool Scene again

  • The crowd and him repeat the cadence of yells
  • with a Loud "Wet PSY!" once more
  • He's between the two hot chicks in bikinis (Arms folded)
  • swinging his hands up and down at his side
  • from them being crossed as he sits there
  • Maybe to stress his yelling remarks of that cadence

2:32 - The scene end with him folding his arms back

  • He places his right leg on his left knee, folding it as well.

2:33 - Back to the Bar Party Scene for a split second or so

Two cool dudes having fun while reacting to the viral craze

Music Stage Scene

2:34 - There's 5 gentlemen and 1 lady there with him on stage.

  • He's at the center of the stage and throws his hands up like a magician twice

Stage Scene (From the beginning of the video)

2:35 - transition to Stage Scene with PSY's arms widely spread.

  • He pulls his hands closer together and a ton of water slashes his head.

2:36 - The scene hops back and fourth between the Pool Scene & about 12 times.

2:39 - "I - I - I I'm a mother - father, gentleman." is sung out loud.

2:40 - They get launched into the pool from their seated positions like a catapult.

Pool Scene (again)

2:43 - PSY and 6 ladies in black bikinis are dancing from side to side.

  • They have 6 guys laying underneath them

2:46 - His arms are raised up high at 90 degrees.

  • Screen transitions

Water Front Scene

2:47 - 2 guys and 2 ladies are dancing that dance with him.

  • He's now wearing a sky blue blazer jacket

2:49 - Screen transitions again to a matrix like hotel/stadium background.

  • Maybe 100's of people there dancing that cool dance :)

2:50 - Fourth and back it transitions to multiple scenes.

2:53 - PSY dancing toward the left of the screen by his lonesome this time.

2:54 - Back to that infamous pool scene.

2:55 - Then back to the hotel scene thingy.

2:57 -Scene transitions to him dancing alone.

  • He starts the new hand flap dance and leg hop from side to side (blue blazer on)

2:58 - Scene leaps back to the hotel one with all of the crowd, doing that same dance.

Here's a sexy cool bonus video, enjoy!

Note: This page is copy-written, and cannot be duplicated onto any other website.

Copyright © 2013 Cloud Explorer


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      Thank you so much Diane, I just got done editing it all, and I hope many more people find this writing style somewhat interesting as you and I both do. It is well worth a try knowing that some of these music artist will indeed appreciate our efforts for giving praise to their craft.

      We shall see in due time, thanks again for sharing with me as you do, it is very kind of you.

    • Diane Woodson profile image

      Diane Minton 

      5 years ago from Evansville, Indiana

      Gotta love all that you Write! Loving music HUBS and Music is one thing you and I have in common Cloud! I like the series of Links you provide here as its a great way to back up the great writing you did here. The videos are great, had never heard of this guy before.


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