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Panasonic Plasma 7 blink failure

Updated on June 22, 2010

Does Your Panasonic Plasma have the 7 blinks of death?

A couple of months ago, Panasonic notified authorized service centers of a warranty extension on SC board replacement for Panasonic Plasmas that have a 7 blink failure. I have spent several hours now searching the internet for notice of the recall and have come up with nothing, including on Panasonic's site. I must tell you, I am more than a little shocked. I have found many complaints, many threats to start a class action lawsuit, but no one that claims to know about the warranty extension.


Failure of SC, SD, and SU board

 Panasonic made the lofty claim that their plasma televisions would last for 40,000 to 60,000 hours of life. Owner's of the 2007-2009 models have found that 2,000 to 5,000 hours would have been more realistic. A common cause of "death" is the 7 blink failure.

The problem is with one, both, or all of the following boards: SC board, SD board, and SU board. Most commonly, the SC board is the culprit. Panasonic has received enough complaints that they have decided to issue a voluntary warranty extension to replace the SC board. However, they have chosen not to publicize it.

Rules of Repair

 So your Panasonic Plasma has no picture or sound and the standby light is blinking 7 times, what next?

The first thing you need to do is call the Panasonic VIERA Concierge Hotline at 877-95-VIERA. Let them know what the problem with your tv is and that your are aware of the SC board warranty extension. They will issue you a customer case number and refer you to an authorized service center. When you speak to the service center give them your case number and tell them you would like them to arrive with the SC board.

Now, here comes the part that will make most of you unhappy. If it turns out that the SC board was not the problem, you are then responsible for paying the servicer their trip charge and diagnostic time. If the SC board resolves it, you are home free and the servicer should not charge you anything.


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    • profile image

      Tim 2 weeks ago

      Say what u want but I bought my 42” in 2006 and I just got the blinking lights today. Panasonic is a top rated brand and in my book, 11 years is a pretty good run. I have been reading and am trying the tricks to avoid replacing its parts. Thanks for everyone’s feedback

    • profile image

      Theresa 2 months ago

      I love my 50"Panasonic! My morning routine is to turn on the tv and then start the coffee. Ugh P?as a is not responding and I have the 7 blinking red lights. HELP. I cannot afford a new television.

    • profile image

      KB 6 months ago

      Don't call the number. The extended warranty is not true and Panasonic will charge you $10 to "troubleshoot" your problem but offer no support or help to your problem. All they do is tell you that you have already trouble-shooted and you should call a local service provider.

    • profile image

      Morry 14 months ago

      Had to try Akida’s method. It didn’t work even though I tried it several times with several variations. Well, quantum mechanics has taught us that the behaviour of electrons and other quanta is a matter of probability, not cause and effect. I lost my throw of the dice.

    • profile image

      Linda R 15 months ago

      I unpluged my tv overnight the next day I took my hair dryer and put the setting on cool and blew it in the vents on the back of the tv, It worls

    • profile image

      Jay 18 months ago

      I bought Panasonic Plasma TV at 2014 because expected better quality than Chinese and Korean company. however it's dead last week. I won't buy any of PANASONIC in future.

    • profile image

      David 19 months ago

      FWIW: Had the 7 blinks of death on a 9 year old 2007 Plasma TV. A technician diagnosed it as an SC problem, and proceeded to replace a small component on the SC board - problem fixed. I'm not an electrician, but I assume the cost of material was about $2. It did take him about an hour to open, diagnose, fix and test, so I think that what I paid was not unreasonable ($220). And in any case I would not want to move that monster - it's 100 pounds! So, yes, a new LED 55" would cost about $550 today but it was worth it for me.

    • profile image

      Bob 2 years ago

      i don't get how u turn off the TV with the remote it just flashes red the hole time please let me know if I have missed something?

    • profile image

      Jo 2 years ago

      Akita thank you for the tip it works!

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      Thank you Akita! Your solution worked.

      Turn tv off with remote.

      Hold power button on tv for 1 minute.

      Then Wait 30 seconds.

      Turn tv on using remote.

      I tried this trick a few times and it worked the 3rd time. Thanks!

    • profile image 3 years ago

      2nd round of failures within 13 months. The first was certainly a board issue and was resolved with a refurbished part. I was very satisfied with the service from panasonic as they ate the cost for the entire repair, minus the original $90 for the service call, and the tv worked like new until tonight.

      Lets see how they stand behind their product a second time.

    • profile image

      Jimmy G 3 years ago

      At first I was told there was no extended warranty and that someone just made up. I called back days later and they said oh yeah we'll open up a case. When I sent them my receipt and repair estimate they said I missed the warranty extension by a week. I am pissed. I asked the snotty kid who had just told me he is sorry if he thought 3 years was a good amount of time for a tv to last. He said yes. Their SC boards are defective and they do not stand behind their product. Never again.

    • profile image

      Dick-malibu 3 years ago

      I tried the potential solution to the 7 blinking lights and was not able to repair the set. Also, I contacted Panasonic and got nowhere since the set was out of warranty and they pled no knowledge of this 7 light situation. I solved the problem by ordering a new Panasonic 50 inch 720p set which has a truly phenomenal picture. The cost of the new 50 in set was $475.00 from abt.

    • profile image

      Aussie Geoff 3 years ago

      Thanks Akita and Jimmy. Ditto..with one exception. I held the power button on the TV set in for a minute until the flashing red light went off. Then waited 20 seconds before repressing the power button until the flashing green light came on; then turned the TV back on with the remote and all is working fine. Hooray!

    • profile image

      Jimmy 3 years ago


      My 2007 50" Viera gave me the 7 blinks this morning. After scanning this forum, I tried Akita's tip, holding the power button closed for a minute then turning on with remote and am now back in action. We'll see how long it lasts....

    • profile image

      Kim 3 years ago

      7 Blinks and it died but I bought it back to life. This really works.

      There is a simple solution to 7 blinks: make sure your TV was shut down using remote, try to turn it on and you will get 7 blinks, while it is blinking - turn off power switch for 30sec and turn it on again, following by pressing power button on the remote and you're back online

      it might take more than 30sec for some SD boards, so try to play with this value

    • profile image

      Kumud Jindal 3 years ago

      2yrs after buying tc-p55gt31, same problem, will be about $600 to fix. After MUCH back-and-forth with their inept Jamaican service call center, "escalated" to the geniuses in Virginia, who repeatedly deny there is any manufacturer defect, stating this is an "isolated" occurrence. They are sending the dead board (SC i think) to the repair shop in CT but i am responsible for the labor, about $400. If it dies again in the next couple of years, I am gonna be pissed. This TV was almost $2000!!!

    • profile image

      Laura 3 years ago

      I bought my 42in Plasma in 2007 and it happened in 2010. I paid $300 to have it fixed, at the time Panasonic was not replacing anything. 3 years later and it just happened again! TV is going in the trash!

    • profile image

      Todd 4 years ago

      Panasonic 42" TH-42PZ700A

      Purchased 2008. This morning 7 blinking reds...

    • profile image

      Aidan 4 years ago

      Panasonic TH- P50G10A

      Read all the forums and now believe its all a crok. I had a 10 blink issue just started turned on the telly in the morning and it comes on for 5 seconds then turns off 10 blink warning. Read all the crap about board this and capacitor that so tried the reset. no change.

      Unplugged the telly for 30 mins Took off the back used a small art brush to loosen all dust and vaccumed carefully especially the fans up the top. Put it all back together and then voila it all worked perfectly, incidentially I have a xbox, ps3, foxtel box, surround sound and wii all plugged in at the same time

    • profile image

      jill 4 years ago

      I searched for seven blinks of death and found it. This was a few months ago. But because our TV was an open box item from Best Buy the extended warranty didn't apply. And our TV was the wrong model. It does exist. Even our repair shop knew about it. We had to pay over $500 to get it fixed. Who knows how long it will last. We are keeping our fingers crossed it will last at least a few years.

    • profile image

      Bruce 4 years ago

      tc-p50s30 panasonic fails with seven blinks. Opened ticket with Panasonic. They want original reciept and a diagnostic from authorized dealer. Heck, I can send them a vid of the 7 blinks. Repair guy says $80 to come out and look. Says probably SD card for $150. Another $75 to come out repair if authorized. They may pay for half.

    • profile image

      Sarah 4 years ago

      My Panasonic died this morning, with 7 blinks and it's only 20 months old, it's not good enough!!! Won't buy Panasonic again.

    • profile image

      jwwjr 4 years ago

      I have a Panasonic TC-P54Z1 and yesterday i experienced the seven blinking light pattern. I called Panasonic and they took me through a few steps but the problem is still there. I'm amazed at all the related issues regarding Panasonic product and although electronic do fail over time but just a little over 2yrs? give me a break. My Magnavox analog TV survived 20 yrs and still works today. I have electronic amps for 10yrs no problems. Panasonic had to know about this problem and why wasn't it fixed in their newer models. They have people that conduct reliability test in the age of QS and IS0-9000, and six sigma. They know but yet Panasonic continue down the same path without changing suppliers and/or parts to correct the issue and selling a poor product. I rather pay an extra 4 or 5 hundred dollar to a reliable product that have been improve vs paying costly repair bills.

    • profile image

      God of War 4 years ago

      I wish the CEO of panasonic dies slow so that his last breath is his longest one for doing the hardworking people durty

    • profile image

      Akita 4 years ago

      There is a simple solution to 7 blinks: make sure your TV was shut down using remote, try to turn it on and you will get 7 blinks, while it is blinking - turn off power switch for 30sec and turn it on again, following by pressing power button on the remote and you're back online

      it might take more than 30sec for some SD boards, so try to play with this value

    • profile image

      Futamarka 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      mike 4 years ago

      tc-p50s30 panasonic is not good 13 monts broke two times 7 blinks

    • profile image

      Marcus 4 years ago

      Bought a 55 inch Viera (TC-P55GT30) a bit over a year ago. 7 blinking red lights.

      Tried to investigate the SU/SD/SC boards (tightened loose screws, reseated connectors, etc), but nothing helped. Called Panasonic, but it was of little use because the warranty has expired. Independent repair centers are also quite costly just to have someone come out and look, let alone repair/replace the hardware.

      Seems like an awfully huge waste of money for such a shortlived product. Definitely not buying Panasonic again.

    • profile image

      Tom 5 years ago

      My 7 red light death blink has just occurred after 2 years. I didn't pay for extended warranty and the store is out of business.

      I will never buy a Panasonic again.

    • profile image

      Notappy 5 years ago

      I should add they the offered me the discount on a new TV only on condition that I allow them to take my old TV away. Now that's pretty weird.

    • profile image

      Notappy 5 years ago

      My 4.5 yr old 42" plasma died a few weeks ago. 7 blinks. Getting help from Panasonic is like drawing blood from a stone. I performed the diagnosis on my own and found that the problem was only the SC board. But Panny had to have authorized service center look at it. And I had to pay for the diagnostic ($85 incl taxes for a housecall). The service center said the diagnostic would count toward the repair, but that turned out to be a lie because I later found out that would be only if I brought the TV in myself to the service center. Well, I wish they had told me that. Their diagnosis was not different than my own. Panny offered to replace the hardware free, but I would have to pay for the repair service. (I asked if they would give me a deep discount on a new set and they offered $200 off a new 50" similar features to my 42". But that's $200 off the price at the Panny website, which is always $100 more than the price at BestBuy. And like the price won't fall again in six months? The service for the repair itself would be $130+taxes. So we're looking at $250 to fix a TV that's only worth maybe $400? Anyway, I am an experienced computer technician and I asked Panny to just send me the new board and I would install it myself and sign off to not hold them responsible if it didn't work. They would hear nothing of it as it is against corporate policy. Anyway, I decided it's not worthwhile to repair old technology when there are all these Smart TVs and 3D out there. I took the loss of $85 and went to the service center to pick up my dead board (thanks for nothing). I will try to fix it myself while I shop for a new TV. Meantime, I am trying to understand why if you can buy Panny parts separately (they even referred me to a parts distributor), why won't they just send me the new board. Buy offering free hardware replacement, they are admitting there is a problem. The repair center said that once the board is repaired or replaced, it is imperative to immediately upgrade the firmware. Like that's not a clear message that there was bug in the firmware? I am trying to escalate to Panny Management, but I'm getting nothing but silence. Hope this helps people navigate the maze. Oh, and I will be going to the press with this.

    • profile image

      Gelly 5 years ago

      TV picture is not the issue here. It's longevity. Panasonic is rated the best for new plasma TV's. Good Housekeeping should provide their approval for TV's as they actually test manufacturers claims and give their approval to those that back it up. My 42" Viera is 5 years old and just died from 7 lights. Chances are I won't buy another Panasonic even with an extended warranty as they don't offer them past 3 years. Samsung plasma for me unless I can find a site like this on them. I have/had both kinds of TV's. And, by the way, LED is an LCD TV, it's not new motion capturing technology. Nothing beats plasma for viewing fast motions and sports. LED's still haven't caught up to Plasma in that regard. Just watch a hockey game and you'll find out. Even the 6 grand Pioneer Elite or Sony LED/LCD can't keep up.

    • profile image

      Jason 5 years ago

      Home Theater Mag gave the Panny 50 inch a good rating, bought the tv, very impressed thus far, compared to a Samsung 51 inch the picture quality is way better

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I contacted plasma recently for the 7 blinking light and they did inform me that there was a warranty extension for the board, but it expired on 7/1/12. No idea if this is accurate, but that is what the customer service rep said. I've had to call numerous times, and some reps can't seem to find information about the warranty extension, some say it expired, and some say it expired but they will still cover it. The problem is that Panasonic keeps "escalating" it for us, telling us someone will call, and then whey they call, if you miss the call they don't leave a number to call them back! So you have to call the main number again and you're back to square one.

    • fromMarkHall profile image

      fromMarkHall 5 years ago

      I have read Consumer Reports and they rated the Vierra TC-P50S30 one of the best. Who's right?

    • profile image

      LSkelton 5 years ago

      I have the Panasonic TH46PPZ85UA Plasma. After experiencing the 7 blinking lights I contact Panasonic and explained the problem. They issued me a case number and referred me to an authorize service provider. Problem turns out to be the SC Board (Part # TXNSC1BJUC) Bottom line- there is no extended warranty on this TV and the repair will cost $457.69 (part/labor) My suggestion- read Consumer Report first and not buy from Panasonic.

    • profile image

      PJHawk 5 years ago

      I have a 46 in Panasonic with the "7 blinks of death" problem and I called the Concierge number, however they indicated that there is NO warranty extension on the SC board. They indicated that you must be inside the 1 year warranty or you are on you own. The guy didn't even care...........

    • profile image

      RAHMAT 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Matthew 5 years ago

      Hi every one wow my Veira 50 inch TV is less than 4 months old and i have 7 blinking red's. Sounds like

      Panisonic needs new supplyers or some thing. SHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees :(

    • profile image

      jose 5 years ago

      my Panasonic plasma th-42pd60u red light 7 blink

    • profile image

      Mat 5 years ago

      Electronics often fail. This is why extended warranties exist! :)

    • profile image

      Moira 5 years ago

      I was just told that the voluntary warranty extension is a myth.

    • profile image

      sc 5 years ago

      Awesome info ,thank u

    • profile image

      gualven 6 years ago

      I have a 58 plasma with 1 1/2 year and out of waranty the tv has 7 blinks problem. I bought or replaced the three Driver SOS 2 SU / SD / SS Boards

      (SC floating voltage area)

      But the problem still continue with 7 blinks again.

      How can i do.


    • profile image

      GV 7 years ago

      what is the price aprox of the three boards sc, sd and su.