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Panasonic VIERA TC-P55ST30 55-Inch 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV Customer Review

Updated on September 26, 2011

Another VIERA Panasonic TV!

Panasonic seems to be making a lot of grounds with Plasma HDTVs. In this review, we have a look at their 3D Plasma HDTV Model, the TC-P55ST30. Before we delve in, let us review some of the pros and cons of having a plasma vs lcd vs led TV.

First thing first, plasma TVs are known to be better suited for those who frequently watch sports or play video games. Plasma TVs are simply better at processing fast paced motion images. LED and LCD TVs also produce quality pictures, however, you will experience motion blurs from time to time. In terms of frame-size to price ratio, plasma TVs tend to have better deals. However, their average life is shorter than that of LCD or LED TVs.

With this in mind, let us have a look at this 3D VIERA Panasonic TV. This TV uses 3D Technology, which is relatively new in the market. Most of the new movie and TV show releases are still playing around with this 3D home technology therefore it may not be useful as of now to have such technologies on your TV. If a movie or TV show is compatible, you can equip yourself with cool 3D glasses and enjoy a pretty intense 3D Viewing experience.

This TV also has a full 1080p moving picture resolution. With this feature, you will have crisp picture quality for whatever you are watching. The TV is also made utilizing environmentally-friendly materials. For example, the TV screen is free of mercury and lead, which can be found in many of the older TV models. So what did customers have to say about this Panasonic TV?

One customer commented that he spent hours reading reviews on various large framed TVs and came to a decisionto buy this TV model. The TV did not disappoint! He commented the 2D-3D conversion was average at the current moment but that was expected as 3D home technology is still relatively new. Another customer commented that his new TV blew away any LCD or LED TVs he owned in the past. However, he did comment that you have to play around with the default settings before you truly experience the wonders of this Plasma TV. So what do you think? Comment below!


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