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Pandigital Pan7000dw 7 Inch Digital Picture Frame Reviews

Updated on July 3, 2011

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The Pandigital PAN7000DW 7" digital photo frame is an exclusive photo frame I've found yet. I have tried some other photo frames too. But none of them can beat this one. I bought 4 other models named Philips, smartphones, Kodak and opteca. These 4 has their individual problem. It will cost $65 only whereas same kind of photo frame of Sony brand will cost more. 


This digital frame’s display is excellent. It shows 800*600 picture resolution. The software given with it is user friendly. I like to display my photos in their original resolution. Furthermore, you can pick the view mode if you want. One special feature of this pan digital frame is it shows the EXIF photo date/time (If you want to display it) moreover it will show the current time optionally. This photo frame has a nice calendar with it. The remote works well and buttons are really soft. The menu structure of this frame is pretty good and easy to use. They are logically placed and work well.

I have examined some frames earlier, if you want to see the pictures in a particular order they have to be written in the flash memory in that particular order although this is not depend upon creation time or name. But if you started with a blank flash memory then they will be shown in the order at which they are copied. Windows and Macintosh are the fastest way to copy. Sometimes it is shown in some photo frames that they don’t show the date order or even the file name order. This is very annoying while finding a picture through date or name. This pan digital frame has these good criteria of showing file an arranged order.

Overall I found this photo frame pretty good and would work as you expect.

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