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Paper iPad

Updated on September 3, 2012

Qing Ming Festival, literally called Pure Brightness Festival or Clear Bright Festival, is a traditional Chinese Ancestors Day or Tomb Sweeping Day. This is the day when Chinese people visit the graves or burial grounds of their ancestors, and burn paper gifts to their dead relatives, such as paper money, boat, &c.

The current president of Taiwan was seen burning paper gifts to his ancestors.

A Malaysian Chinese last week went to sweep his grandfather's tomb, and burned a paper iPad, which look quite like the real one, hoping his grandpa could benefit from this new technology, but that night he dreamed that his grandfather thanked him for the gift, however, he didn't know how to use it, and asked his filial grandson to teach him how to use the iPad.

This Malaysian Chinese young man was so frightened by the dream, he fell sick. It is said that he has recovered from the shock.

In China, a young man looked for some paper money for his late grandfather, and saw the paper iPhone, he asked the old man sitting behind the counter: "I wonder if my ancestors know how to use it?" The shop owner said, "Why do you worry about that? Steve Jobs is already there, he has been teaching them how to use it."

The young man was so astonished and couldn't make a reply. Then he heard the old man said: "By the way, don't forget to burn a charger, just in case your ancestor come to ask for it when the battery is flat."

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Paper iPadPresident Ma Yingjiu of Taiwan
Paper iPad
Paper iPad
President Ma Yingjiu of Taiwan
President Ma Yingjiu of Taiwan


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    • Magdaleine profile image

      Magdaleine 5 years ago

      haha.. it's so funny.. good idea to burn paper ipad for our ancestors..

    • profile image

      Cg 5 years ago

      Why not just teach him in dream? Only a dream, even my grandfather comes back in real, I would more than happy to see him. He won't come back to hurt me:)