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Password Protect Folders In Win7 - MyLockbox

Updated on July 3, 2015

Found a Great Program to Password Protect Folders

Recently, I was conversing with my uncle K. about the book he was writing and he showed me extraordinary graphics he created. First of all he's a great painter of portraits, abstract art, and landscapes. In addition to his artistic abilities he's taken hold of Adobe Photoshop to edit and enhance his graphics. He's been at it for about one week now and you'll have to take my word that he's surpassed the basics already.

Well, as I was admiring his work he mentioned he'd like to password protect a few folders and files. He'd showed me a file he password protected using Win7 compression utility; however, he asked me if I knew of a software that will password protect his folder containing his manuscript and graphics. I replied, "No, not off hand, but I'd look into it."

The next day I started my search and checked with the bible of all things Windows. I read

Unfortunately, the truth is Win7 doesn't have a utility to password protect folders. Darn! Even so I felt his question was a legitimate one and needed to be solved; in addition, a possible workaround. So, I began to search for a third party solution on the Net.

After performing a comprehensive search and testing of at least 3 others I found a tool that works with Win7 perfectly and very easy to use; it’s called MyLockbox. It doesn't encrypt data but rather puts it under lock and key via a set password.

He's not very computer savvy, so this will fulfill his need and not confuse him with technical jargon. Jackpot!

However, as you might expect free stuff always has limitations. The free edition only allows you to protect 1 single folder, but keep in mind a folder can house many subfolders. If down the road he requires additional folder protection he can purchase the Pro Edition.

MyLockbox Installation Video

Install MyLockbox Free Edition:

  • Download MyLockbox at or
  • Left click the
  • Click Run > Select Language > Click Next
  • Agree to License Agreement
  • Verify or change the path you want MyLockbox folder to be located
  • Decide if / where you want shortcuts
  • Standard Installation (recommended) > Click Next
  • Click Install
  • Select to integrate with Windows Explorer
  • Click Finish > You're done!

It's a Done Deal!

MyLockbox password protection utility is one of the easiest programs to install.. As long as you can click, drag, and follow instructions it's a done deal.

Compatible Operating Systems

  • Windows XP (Legacy)
  • Windows 7 32bit / Windows 7 64bit
  • Windows Vista 32bit / Wndows Vista 64bit
  • Windows 8

Written Instructions

Follow these written instructions and you'll be password protecting your folders in no time.

Verify Path

Simply verify the folder where you'd like MyLockbox to be located on the system or change to one more your liking by clicking browse.

Select Express or Custom Installation

Usually the Recommended installation would be the obvious choice; however, in this case if you don't need or want to install the bundled MyRadioPlayer then select Custom and deselect Install MyRadioPlayer. .

MyLockbox Integration with Windows Explorer

MyLockbox can integrate with Windows Explorer allowing you to right click a folder without opening it to quickly password protect it. Most likely you will be prompted to upgrade to the Pro Edition.

Select to Hide or Not Hide Folders Features

The single folder you select to protect locally will be hidden as long as it contains files, In addition, MyLockbox hides folders on external drives. It's clearly noted if you select Hide Folder Ext it's the free trial for the Pro Edition which means the trial will expire then you'll be prompted to pay. Your only other option is not to install the Hide Folders Ext.

Create Password Information

There are times when we all forget our passwords ( I know have) and it's imperative that we have a quick way to recover this information. You must enter an active email account to request an online password recovery which will be sent to the address you specify.

Voila! 2 New MyLockbox icons on your Desktop

Not displayed here, but now you have 2 new icons on your desktop. And what better symbolism for security than a safe. The shortcut icon is used quickly access your protected folder. The MyLockbox Control Panel is used to manage the program, such as to change the password, the path of the program, and its settings.

Select or Create a folder to Password Protect

At this point you can select an existing folder by clicking Browse and choosing one from your system's directory. On the other hand, you're able to create a new folder by clicking the Make New Folder and naming it. I chose to create a new folder naming it Passwordprotected. No ambiguity there, right?

Control Panel User Interface

Set Folder
Set path to MyLockbox location
Remove last location of protected folder and enter another
Insert or view Protected Folder
Lock down Protected Folder
Unlock Protected Folder
Upgrade to MyLockbox Pro Edition

Let's Create a Folder to Password Protect

Click Open and either drag or select a folder to password protect. I dragged my Technology folder from my desktop and Viola! It's protected. Close the window and ensure you click the Lock button before exiting the MyLockbox Control Panel. Next, launch MyLockbox Control Panel or the shortcut and you will be prompted to enter a valid password. Let's see...

Test MyLockbox Security

Click on either the MyLockbox shortcut to quickly access your folder's contents or MyLockbox Control Panel. They both should prompt you to enter a valid password. And they do. The installation is a SUCCESS! I get all giddy inside when a plan comes together or in this case a program. Don't you?!

Advanced Features

At the bottom left of the Control panel click Advanced and view other options to manage MyLockbox. Click Simple to return to normal view.

To Uninstall MyLockbox

If MyLockbox is not for you it's easy to uninstall via Windows 7 Control Panel:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click Program and Features
  • Scroll to My Lockbox
  • Right click > Uninstall

(The system will prompt to Restart)

  • It's Done!

MyLockbox is easy to uninstall as it is to install. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Would you consider using MyLockbox?

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