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Password Protecting Your Excel Worksheet: How to Securely Password Protect an Excel File?

Updated on December 18, 2010

Giving a password protect your Microsoft Excel worksheet to tamper your documents data from others or restrict others to open the file or modify file. There are many ways that you can password protect your spreadsheet like using a third party software or putting your excel document to a password protected folder or many other ways. But one of the best easiest method is to password protect the entire sheet or workbook by using some simple steps. This page instructs anyone to secure password protect an Microsoft Excel 2007 file.

Steps to Securely Password Protect an Microsoft Excel 2007 File:

Follow the following simple steps to  securely password protect an Excel file:

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Excel 2007 file which you would like to protect or restrict to open using a password.

Step 2: Go to the Review tab of Microsoft Excel file and then click on Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook.

Step 3: Following the above steps, a pop-up window will be appeared. Select your options and type in the desired password. Try to use a hard password which is long and difficult to hack like 47A%^hyI7QQ. Moreover, to remember the password, you may copy the password into a different workbook for safe keeping.

Just putting the password, click on OK button and it will again asks you to re-enter the password and just type the same password again and click on OK button

Step 4: Now it's time to password protect the entire workbook and to do this, simply click on the File, then choose Save As option. The file-save window will be appeared. Type the file name which is suitable for your excel file, then select the Tools drop down menu. From the Tools menu, select General Options.

Step 5: Following the above steps, a pop-up window will be appeared where you can put the password for the opening the entire excel file. This option enables to password protect the entire workbook and prevent anyone else from opening it and viewing its contents or changing the entire document. Here, you can apply the same procedure to save the password to another text file or word file.

And that's all. Following the above steps you can easily protect your Microsoft Excel 2007 documents easily to open by anyone or to edit the document by anyone. When you have finished the above steps, then closing the excel file, try to reopen the file. You will see that it asks you to a password. If you put the password correctly then you can easily access the file otherwise not. Thus your documents become secure from all. Hopefully, you have successfully done the above steps to protect the Microsoft Excel 2007 file and restrict the access of the file.


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