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Paul Uhl-The Warrior Forum $500,000,000 Affiliate Marketer

Updated on February 24, 2014

Paul Uhl-Warrior Forum Success Story or Scammer?

Paul Uhl, aka MYOB on the Warrior Forum, spends a lot of time on the popular internet marketing forum. And incredibly claimed in 2012 to be on track to earn $500,000,000 from affiliate marketing in 2012.

Despite the incredulity and cynicism which this claim generated from some fellow Warrior Forum members, the truly sad thing is that so many desperate and naïve newcomers to internet marketing were prepared to believe him.

Uhl, known for his pomposity, has been hanging around the Warrior Forum for years.

And in all that time, two things have been consistent:

  1. the magnitude of his claims of success through so called 'article syndication' and
  2. the total absence of any evidence to support his fantastic claims.

Uhl has been consistently supported on the Warrior Forum by another 'mystery man'-Timothy Nagley aka Alexa Smith and some other spoofers such as 'Richard Van' and 'Dire Straits'.

However, a small bit of rudimentary research will show that Uhl's claims of success are a complete fabrication. In fact, his game seems to be to create an aura of success in order to sell rubbish solo ad campaigns to ambitious and desperate newbies.

It would be funny if it was not so sad. Sad that some people are so desperate to try to make money online that they are prepared to believe anything.

Funny because his claims are so unbelievable, incredible and patently untrue as to leave little doubt in the mind of anyone thinking rationally.

Unfortunately, people like Uhl prey on the irrationality and desperation of newcomers with stars in their eyes who dream of riches online.

What Paul Uhl Claims to Do

Uhl claims that he operates as follows:

"In my marketing model, nothing is ever blatantly "sold"; only recommended on the strength of credentials perceived as a result of my article writing. No real credentials are claimed in any of my niches, but there is a subtlety of assumption reflected by the quality of the articles and the type of publications in which they appear. Coupled with quality articles accepted by quality publications is a kind of implied endorsement by the publisher. This is an unbeatable combination in even the most hotly competitive markets because of its virtually unlimited range, market reach, and highly convertible warm traffic."
Source-Warrior Forum

So, to put it in plain English, without the pomposity for which he is renowned and respected by the sheeple on the Warrior Forum, Myob claims that he does not blatantly sell and the quality of his articles, without any blatant selling, does the trick.

However the truth is more inconvenient because what he claims to do and what he actually does are two markedly different things..

What MYOB Actually Does

What Myob does is somewhat different.

He attempts to flog solo ad packages in an unashamed spammy, trashy kind of way.

Here is an example:

We Have Advertising Packages for YOUR Specific Program

Real customers.... Real Sales!

All the top marketers use our service!
Visit our website for samples

Our Effective Advertising = SALES for your Business!
........ MONEY in your Pocket!

Wishing you and your business great success!


Interested in Selling Advertising to the 500 MILLION
Entrepreneurs that MUST have it right now? Rake in money as an
Affiliate! See my web site for details.

Source: Paul Uhl email from

Note: no longer exists. You would imagine someone claiming to earn half a billion dollars a year could pay for website hosting..

Article Syndication-The Source of Paul Uhl's "Success"

Here is a link to an article he has written: on
And at the bottom of that article Uhl claims:

Paul Uhl is a corporate trainer specializing in small business from senior management to new hires. His structured yet customized style results in positive,productive, and more motivated employees.

However you will see that the link at the bottom of this article takes you to his site where you would expect to find information about training for businesses and other business services, as promised.

Instead what you get is another straightforward pitch to "Advertise to Millions-Your One Stop Advertising Center" which sells "solo ad blasts" to millions for $299.

Scroll to the bottom of that page and you will find more abject, in your face "biz op" opportunities.
So much for providing great content and nothing ever being overtly sold with the legendary (in his own house) Paul Uhl.

But lets get back to his subtle, escalating in quality sales funnels.

Take a look at the address at the bottom of his email to me which is at:

You will be taken to a website which has an interminable video about the damage commercial dog food is doing to your dog.

And in the best example of subtlety you will ever see or hear you will be told that your dog will die soon from...eating dog food.

If you don't buy the crappy $27 ebook telling you secrets that the commercial dog food doesn't want you to know your dog will definitely keel over and stiffen! Mr. Subtlety indeed.

Now, take a look at the other website in his email to me where he claims all the top advertisers use their services:

The site can't be found-it's gone.

But wait a minute.

You've just told me all the top advertisers use your service.

And now the site is gone?

Surely some mistake?

Learn more about the scam that is article syndication here.

Paul Uhl's Income Claims a Source of Derision

Paul Uhl's Proof of Income
Warrior Forum Claims Laughed At!

A few rational Warriors on the Warrior Forum were brave enough to actually doubt the $500 million sales in 2012 claims.

These included

David Keith

Drunken Monkey,


But of course none was forthcoming.

Like his comrade in arms, Alexa Smith, he was unable to provide a shred of proof of his absurd income claims in this thread ( in the Warrior Forum despite being openly challenged to do so.

Paul Uhl's Failed Businesses

Despite absurd income claims, the evidence of Paul Uhl's claimed success is non existent., Uhl Communications, are all known Uhl domains.

All of the them are kaput...gone.

All of them were offering solo ad blasts to gullible internet marketers...a far cry from the $500,000,000 per annum affiliate sales claimed.

Paul Uhl-The Verdict

The gulf of difference between what Uhl claims to do and what he actually does is of Grand Canyon proportions. For this reason I can't believe a word he writes.

The difference between his claimed modus operandi and the disappearance of his site and the transformation of his site into a straightforward, in your face hard selling pitch for solo ads and various crappy "biz opp" opportunities does not sit well when you are claiming sales of $500 million per year.

And finally his inability to provide a shred of proof of any income is the final nail in the coffin of any shred of credibility he might have claimed.

And of course there is his oft repeated claim on the Warrior Forum not to be an affiliate for the "Directory of Ezines" product, which he pushed at every opportunity. The reality is that a banner for this product was the first thing you could see when you visited his VPCatalog site (before it disappeared).

Ethical Internet Marketing

There is a world of difference between the type of trash, lies, and scamming you will experience on the Warrior Forum and real online business owners.

The Warrior Forum is a paradise for experienced scammers to exploit desperate newcomers to internet marketing.

The atmosphere on the Warrior Forum is intentionally frenzied with tall tales, lies, exaggeration and pseudo helpfulness.

Don't be fooled. Do your due diligence. Ask questions-hard questions. Look for proof-real proof, not made up/doctored screen shots.

The sad truth is that in excess of 95% of Warrior Forum members have never made a dime online.

That is not to say that it is not possible-it is. But it is incredibly difficult with a very small success rate from those who try.

If I was to recommend one online business owner who is actually making money online and who understands how to build a real online business, I would recommend Lisa Parmley.

She is ethical, trustworthy and has been experiencing a lot of success for a long time. Because she understands how to create websites which generate traffic and trust-two vital components of succeeding online.

Truly ethical internet/online marketers are as rare as hens' teeth.

Paul Uhl isn't one of them. Neither is Alexa Smith. In fact, there are very few truly successful online business owners wasting their time on the make believe, fantasy world of the Warrior Forum.

Do You Believe Paul Uhl?

Do You Believe Paul Uhl? Did He Make $500,000,000 in 2012 from Affiliate Marketing?

See results

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    • profile image

      Ryan Mather 

      12 months ago

      I love it...I'm a internet's true if you focus on the money you won't make a dime. A great example of someone doing it right is Pat Flynn. He is my model for Ethical Marketing with Integrity.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Very interesting reading. Thank you for sharing the information with us.


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