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Paybux App Review - does it really work?

Updated on February 8, 2015
Paybux App Review - does it really work?
Paybux App Review - does it really work?

You probably heard about this app that gives rebates called Paybux once, twice or none at all. Anyway, now that you do, you are probably wondering if that is even possible much more if it really works. Hence, this article may provide answer to that as we explore more about the app!

Review from an Active User

I've been an active user of Paybux app since May 2014; hence, I want to share some of my experiences with it. At the same time, my experience can provide you more idea about how the app works (if it does work).

Paybux Interface of the Web Version of the App
Paybux Interface of the Web Version of the App

Not yet a Paybux user?

Paybux App - Sign-up here for FREE!

PayBux is a rewards app and platform for individual and community purchases. Subscribers are incentivized for loyalty and connecting with friends.

How much rebates and rewards have you already earned?

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What is Paybux?

In case you accidentally stumbled upon this article and don't have any idea about what this Paybux is, let me shed a little light about this app.

Paybux is a FREE app developed by Ingenious Mobile Business (IMB), a Filipino-owned company, that provides the consumers (or users) the power to have rebates on their purchases.

How is it supposed to work?

To put it simply, users will get rebates when they course-through their payments via the Paybux Platform for the growing partner merchants.

Discussing the entire matter about how the system works will take some time, so let me just give the icing.

The two modes in Paybux - Hexcell and Turbo!
The two modes in Paybux - Hexcell and Turbo!

There are basically two modes of using the Shop Option of Paybux. The first one is Turbo which provides a certain percentage as rebate the moment you had a purchase. The second one is Hexcell which provides numerous cycles of rebates (P30 per cycle) depending on the type of your subscription (i.e. free or premium).

Green Hexcells of Paybux when activated produce  P30 per cycle!
Green Hexcells of Paybux when activated produce P30 per cycle!

Paybux - does it really work?

For almost 4 months of using the app, I've received a total of P1,195.90 from the app. I know that may not be a lot, but this still suggests that Paybux really works. Plus, the app is still in its infant age, and with this I'm seeing a lot of potential.

You may check out the table below summarizing what I've received as rewards to date.

Note: As mentioned, Generous Payback from the Hexcell provides more rebates than the Turbo mode; however, the former relies on the volume of purchases of the community as well as those you'll be linking to you.

Generous Payback (Hexcell)
P30 x 6
Turbo Instant Rewards
P15.20 + 0.70
Icon Upgrade Rewards
P1,000 x 1

Although I'm an active user, my volume of purchases using the app is still low, since I'm yet to have a job. What I'm pointing out is, when you are already working and responsible for your expenses, the app will be more rewarding for you! Plus, Paybux is continuously working on partnership with other merchants such as Robinsons Movie World, Shopwise, Resorts World Lifestyle Mall, and etc.

Is Paybux workable and good for you?

You may want to take the quiz below in order to determine whether Paybux App is good for you, and what type of subscription is idea for you (e.g. Free, Mentor or Icon)!

Be a user of Paybux!

In case you want to try the app out, you may sign up via the website here: Sign-up here for FREE!

This will automatically tag me up as the linker, which I hope you don't mind. In return, what I can promise is continuous support (check out the section below called Paybux Support).

Another option is to download the App in Google Play Store, and sign up from there. Again, the linker name that you may use is renzktof.

Paybux Support

Although Paybux has a separate support site, which is very helpful, I established a Facebook Group exclusive for those who'll link me up (i.e. your linker is renzktof): Paybux Support Hub for Team Renz

Rate Paybux App!

3.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Paybux

Paybux in a Nutshell

Paybux App seems to have a sound system that is sustainable, and based on my experience, the app indeed works as it provides generous rebates and other rewards!

© 2014 Renz Kristofer Cheng


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