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People With Different Conditions But With One Need—Big Button Cell Phone

Updated on January 12, 2012

A big button cell phone does not sound appealing to a lot of people nowadays. However, for some people, cell phones with big buttons are the answer to their everyday communication needs. Take for example seniors who have visual problems. A big button mobile phone is definitely one thing that they will love to use through these years.

Seniors And People With Visual Impairments

Among all groups of people, the senior population is the one who is seen to really need big buttons in cell phones. Why not? With old age, visual problems are always in the picture. Hence, seniors always find it hard to see things, especially without the help of their eyeglasses.

The great news for seniors is that cell phone for seniors with big buttons are in the market nowadays. With such large keys, seniors can easily see the numbers and letters on each key for a more efficient dialing. Moreover, they will less likely need to bring the cell phone too close to their face or wear their eyeglasses just so they can start using the phone for whatever purpose they intend to use it. And with the usual problems of joint pains, seniors never have to strain their fingers and hands too much when using the phone.

Besides seniors, other people who suffer from visual impairment can also benefit from large buttons in cell phones. This is why a lot of options of cell phone for visually impaired people come with such feature, too.

People With Disability

Big button cell phone options are not only designed for the visually impaired and the seniors. For instance, people with dexterity impairment can very well take advantage of the offers of big button cell phones.

Dexterity impairment refers to the condition where there is a reduced function of the hands and arms. With this, pressing objects can be difficult or impossible. But with a cell phone for disabled that has big buttons, even people suffering from this condition can use the gadget with ease.

Big Button Cell Phone Options

It is true that big button cell phones are the best options of cell phone for disabled, seniors, and visually impaired. The great news is that there are numbers of cell phones that are designed with this feature in mind.

One of the best cell phones with big buttons is the Just5 cell phone. This boasts to be a great cell phone for seniors and other people not only because of its large keys but also of other friendly features. This can be a great cell phone for visually impaired because it has a bright screen display, which means a better communication experience for them. Seniors will love the idea of using this cell phone because it has an amplified sound, which is obviously helpful for those suffering from loss of hearing.

Moreover, the Just5 cell phone comes with an emergency response feature, which can help the user call for help during emergencies in just a push of the SOS button. This is without mentioning yet that this phone lacks the complexity of other mobile phones today that are becoming a challenge to these groups of people.

Thanks to the introduction of big button cell phone options, everyone can use a cell phone for their everyday needs. Whether you are a senior, visually impaired or disabled, you can for sure take advantage of the offers of the modern technology to the world.


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