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Make More With Pepperjam Network Next Generation Affiliate

Updated on March 13, 2010

Easy Earnings

Because this program is new earning with the Pepperjam Network is really easy. There is almost literally NO dilution of the market. I made $10 my very first night just by promoting the Pepperjam Name. Sign up and get accepted, then you can do the same thing!!

Move over Commission Junction and Clickbank, The Pepperjam Network is in town. The self proclaimed Next generation in affiliate marketing is showing up to the plate with some big names sure to please. No more lame e-books even you yourself wouldn't buy, instead publishers can earn affiliate income with the Pepperjam Network promoting brand names such as Jelly Belly, Baby Phat, and Sears Portrait Studio.

Pepperjam just launched as of January 15th 2008 and bloggers and webmasters are jumping at the chance to become a part of the network. Unlike some other affiliate networks that have launched in the past, Pepperjam did their homework. Instead of opening with just 2 or 3 advertisers. Pepperjam Network has over 50 advertisers for publishers to promote

PepperJam Network Gives You Affiliate Tools

Affiliate Networks only succeed if their affiliates do. PepperJam Network understands this and provides a resource center so that even the beginner to affiliate marketing can make their move and start bringing in the income.

The resource center has links to many different sites that the beginner can learn from or the experience affiliate can get a few extra pointers.

Pepperjam Network
Pepperjam Network

Automatic Acceptance By Advertisers

Unlike with Commission Junction, with the majority of Pepperjams advertisers there is no application process before promoting their products.

Most of Pepperjams advertisers are automatic acceptance which means as soon as you want to promote them, you can!

Signing Up For Pepperjam Network

Sign-up was such a simple process. They didn't ask how I planned to promote their affiliate programs. Pepperjam Network just wanted to basics.

I received an e-mail right away, then got a phone call from them a few hours later. The girl on the phone was in a great mood, expected being it their launch day. She told me she was just calling to verify that I gave the correct number and that she was accepting my application. I got the go ahead to get started earlier today.

What impressed me the most was how enthusiastic the girl was on the phone. She asked me if I had and questions and genuinely sounded interested in hearing any feedback from me. I was encouraged to call back if there was anything I wanted to ask or needed any help. That's original

Pepperjam Network Can Be Trusted

If my grandma knew I gave out my Social Security Number to get started with Pepperjam Network she'd freak. If your not sure about the Pepperjam Network company itself, or just Leary about giving out your SSN keep this in mind.

You are working as an independent contractor, but they will still need record of you as a tax payer. If you make over $600 they HAVE to have your SSN to make a 1099.

If your feeling insecure about giving you SSN over the internet, its understandable. But consider Pepperjams background. They work with HUGE name companies, not just for this affiliate program that just launched but for their other company endevours as well. Pepperjam is not brand new company. Just the Affiliate program is new. Pepperjam is a major player in the internet marketing field. They are considered an authority site by CNNMoney and

Their internet marketing clients include Seaseme Street, DKNY, Washington Redskins, OldSpice, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, U-Promise, Nordstrom, and more..

Pepperjam was awarded the Inc. 500 and the Bank Of American Entrepenure of the Year awards. The Pepperjam Network is the real deal.

Communication With Advertisers

Pepperjam is promoting part of their business model as being and affiliate network with strong communication between affiliates, advertisers, and the network.

Got questions for Pepperjam Network? give them a call. They can't succeed unless you do so they want to help out anyway they can.

Got a question for an advertiser? Pepperjam Network has set up communication lines directly to the advertisers. You can contact by phone, e-mail, or even chat through the Pepperjam Network website!


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great page! I signed up with Pepperjam and I'm awaiting approval. Hopefully all goes well.

    • Chris Crow profile image

      Chris Crow 

      9 years ago

      I'll look into this--CJ and clickbank aren't doing it for me right now. That blockbuster deal has most likely gone down from $35 though.

    • sunstreeks profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Western Washington

      No sorry, I was leary at first giving my SSN when I started doing affiliate programs. They request this for tax reasons. Not all ask for it but some do. If you are concered about it I recommened having a look at the company's webpage and doing a google search for the Pepperjam name.

      I think that they should have more information on their sign up page about their company. The current one looks very empty.



    • Claudine Williams profile image

      Claudine Williams 

      10 years ago from Atlanta

      I was trying to sign up under you but it asked for my social security number. It looks like it must be included in order to appy. Is there a way around that?

    • sunstreeks profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Western Washington

      thanks coolbreeze and kpfingaz good luck

    • sunstreeks profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Western Washington

      Your welcome sylvannoel, haha I actually already have a blockbuster account, but had to discontinue it because I was trying to get rid of luxury expenses.

      I did a hub about it here ;)

    • sylvannoel profile image


      10 years ago from coral springs

      thanks for the tip, I am signing up now, you could refer yourself to blockbuster and make money.

    • kpfingaz profile image


      10 years ago from ~~~

      Signed up through you. Thanks.

    • coolbreeze profile image

      Rik Rodriguez 

      10 years ago from Hawaii

      I signed up, Comission junction can be a real pain, Its always nice to find new networks

      Thank you


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