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Perfect Guide to a Streaming PC for Twitch!

Updated on August 25, 2015

What Brings you here?

First of all, you need to establish exactly what you want from your PC if your upgrading to stream on Twitch. I'm writing this article as I spent endless hours searching the web for a little help on starting up streaming via a PC when I outgrew streaming from console.

Don't always believe what you read on the internet. (Even though that's exactly what you're doing now) Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a $3000 gaming rig to stream on PC. You won't even need half of that, if you're like myself and you mainly focus on streaming games on a console and not PC exclusive games, here's the place to be.

What You Need.

So, we'll start off with the easy stuff - The basic equipment for streaming console games (Xbox, Playstation)

  • A console - Xbox one, Playstation 4, Wii U (you can use your last generation consoles such as 360 and Playstation 3, but seriously, people are all about frame rates and graphics these days and you'll struggle in a competitive world like Twitch)
  • Internet Connection - It's more about upload than download when it comes to streaming, you should be fine with about 2MB/s upload but obvioulsly, the higher the better!
  • Capture Card - I personally myself use the Hauppauge! HD PVR 2 as its the cheapest and is capable of that crisp beautiful 1080p at 60fps, The elgato is also a very popular choice with the avermedia. There's not many to choose from, but choose wisely.
  • Games - Well, obviously?
  • Accessories - Keyboard, Mouse, extra HDMI leads, extra USB ports

Now, for the important stuff and we'll start with the PC specs.

  • 2x or more HDMI Ports (for monitor/s)
  • 5 minimum USB Ports (try to have as many 3.0 ports as possible)
  • Headphone out, mic in, x 2 if possible! Tecnical stuff!
  • Processor - Above 3.5Ghz, Multiple core. i7's are perfect but the price is steep. Maybe try a 6 core AMD
  • Graphics/Video Card - If you doing abit of gaming on PC but focusing on console, a Geforce GTX 960 2gb is perfect and can run dual monitors :)
  • Operating system - I'd recommend windows 7 64bit, but don't be afraid of windows 8. I'm currently using windows 10.
  • Case and Cooling - If there's no money or budget issue, go for a water cooled system with a decent Corsair case. If you're on a budget, you won't need a serious cooling system to keep components running.
  • RAM - I have 32, but that's because of how much i have running while gaming. 16gb of DDR3 ram is cheap and suprisingly cheerful!
    I'll attach a picture of mine which was built using a budget below!

My Corsair case on my gaming/streaming pc!
My Corsair case on my gaming/streaming pc! | Source
Controller check, mic check!
Controller check, mic check! | Source


Short but simple. If you want a free software which i personally think is the best for streaming, you need OBS (open broadcaster software) is a freeware program which lets the user fully customise their streams. From overlays to moving text, images to webcam, OBS caters for everybody.

Twitch Alerts - When somebody follows or donates to your channel, their name will show up with a moving GIF image (can be your own uploaded GIF image and custom sounds) and also your own custom sound to go with it so everybody in the channel will know who's following and who's flashing the cash!

Snaz - This handly little app lets you show live countdown timers, local time and other counters to your live stream!

Bots - Nightbot, moobot and Wizebot are the most popular bot moderators for your stream to keep things in control. Wizebot has mini games, nightbot has song requests and all 3 have a custom commands feature for your viewers to use!

Steam - the PC version of an xbox or psn marketplace!

Another Picture!

Don't need to break the bank to get your fix!
Don't need to break the bank to get your fix! | Source


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