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Performing Calculations in Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Updated on August 14, 2018
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Patrick, a computer technician, is a dedicated writer who wishes to make the world better by informing individuals who seek more knowledge.

Performing Calculations in Microsoft Office Excel 2003

How to Perform Calculations in Excel

Microsoft Office Excel is a spreadsheet program. It is used by many people for computation purposes. Microsoft Office Excel 2003 comprises many functions that can be used to solve hundreds of mathematical problems.

The best thing about Microsoft Office Excel is that it is not you doing the computations, it is the computer. Your work is only to supply the correct function (formula) and bingo! You get your results instantly. There is a tool called auto fill that you will fall in love with as it will make your work so easy. Performing calculations in Excel is so easy as you will come to realize.

Creating an Excel Workbook

A workbook is a file that you are going to create in Excel. This file will carry your data. To do this go to:-

  • Start
  • All Programs
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office Excel

When the Excel window opens, at the top (title bar) you will see the name Book 1 or something like that. You are supposed to save your workbook immediately so as to give it a name before you start entering your data. Go to:-

  • File
  • Save as
  • Type the file name of your workbook and select the location where you want to save it.
  • Then click on save.

Labelled Excel Window

Detailed features of Excel window
Detailed features of Excel window | Source

Entering Data in MS Excel

Before you even learn how to compute using excel, you can decide to go through an introduction to Microsoft Office Excel 2003. The main title or heading of your work should be typed on cell A1 while the subheadings should be typed in row two. Data is entered on the individual cells. By clicking on a cell, you make it active and ready to accept any input. While entering your data, you can use the arrow keys for navigation; they are more efficient rather than using the mouse. Remember to often keep saving your work to avoid loss of data if the power goes off.

This can be done by going to File > Save or simply pressing the Ctrl + S keys on your keyboard.

Formatting Your Excel Document

If you are familiar with word document formatting, then this one will be almost the same. Highlight your heading (simply click on cell A1) and go to Format > Cells > Font. The Font dialog box appears where you are going to select the font, font style, size, underline style, font colour and special effects that you want to apply to your document. Format the rest of your document the same way.

Format Cells Dialog Box

Formatting an Excel document
Formatting an Excel document | Source

Performing Calculations In Excel

Performing calculations in Microsoft Office Excel is easy. Procedure:-

  1. Click on where the answer will appear
  2. Go to Insert > Function. The Insert Function dialog box opens
  3. Select the function (a formula with arguments) you want. If you do not find the function you want, change where it is written or select a category from most recently used to All category. This option lists all the functions used in Excel.
  4. After selecting the function you want to use click okay.
  5. The next dialog box that appears is the one you supply the function arguments. For instance, if you are finding the minimum of some numbers, highlight the cells you are finding the minimum of.
  6. Click okay and the results will be displayed on the cell you had clicked.

Whichever function you want to use, the procedure will be as above.

The Insert Function

How to use the insert function
How to use the insert function | Source

Centering and Merging Your Heading

To center and merge the heading, highlight the cells it will occupy up to the end of your work. Go to Format > Cells and click on the Alignment tab. On the horizontal text alignment select center and on the text control, tick on merge cells button.

Aligning Your Subtitles to a Specific Degree

Highlight the subtitles you want to orient. Go to Format > Cells and click on the Alignment tab. Set the orientation degree and click on okay.

Wrapping Text

You can make your text to occupy several lines within a single cell. Highlight the cells which you want to wrap text their contents. Click on Format > Cells and click on the Alignment tab and then on the text control option, click on wrap text.

Performing Calculations in Excel

Performing calculations in Excel
Performing calculations in Excel | Source

Applying Borders to Your Work

You can set outside borders and inside borders to your work. Procedure:-

  • Highlight the area you want to set borders
  • Go to Format > Cells and click on the Border tab
  • Select the line style you wish to use for your outline border
  • Below the line style, set the colour of your borderline
  • Then click on the outline preset. Observe what happens to your preview window
  • Now for the inside borders, select line style
  • Set the colour you want
  • Click on the inside borders from the presets and check on the preview. Click okay.

Copying and Pasting Your Work to Another Place or Worksheet

Highlight the work to be copied, go to edit and click on copy. Then click on where you want to paste your data and go to edit and click paste. Shortcuts also apply for instance Ctrl + C for copy and Ctrl + V for paste, or you can right click and access the copy and paste options.

Renaming a Worksheet

Go down to the worksheet tab and right click on where it is written sheet1, then select rename. Type the new name of your worksheet.

Are you comfortable making calculations in Excel?

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