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PetChatz HDX Lets You Do More Than Just Watch Your Pet While Away

Updated on December 30, 2019

People Like Their Pets

People like their pets — meaning cats and dogs — but you knew that. And pets like their owners right back. So when the two are together all is fine and good to go. But what if the person can’t be with their pet 24/7 — having to go to work for the day or go on an extended grocery store shopping or needing to buy something in a store (and don’t get us started on that whole “Black Friday” push and shove)? Then the pet will need to put up with being by itself. In which case it could be confined to a room or put in a crate or carry bag, but with the exception of pets with special needs most owners will give the pet free reign throughout the house or apartment. That could result in the cliche breakage or bodily fluid mess, but the real result is that the pet will feel unhappy. No owner wants that! And since few of us can or would hire a pet nanny, the PetChatz HDX is not just the best alternative from a cost-effective point of view, but will also keep the pet engaged and aware until its center of the universe (i.e., you) returns. Because your pet is going to be the recipient of digital daycare.

Staying In Touch With Your Pet

To simplify the PetChatz HDX is a combination two-way video communication device and “TV.” What you see is a chew-proof small oval shape with controls at the top and a color LCD screen towards the bottom. The power button is at its top, along with a microphone, sound detector and manual treat release (for sure you had to know that treats were going to be part of all this). There’s also a low treat warning so stay on top of this! Also it doesn’t have sharp edges so being pawed at or bumped into won’t be causing any serious grief.

Above that color display is a wide angle 1080p HD camera lens with low light capabilities (although in low light image details can suffer a bit but that’s standard practice). The motion detector is right there too — a lot depends on it knowing when the pet is coming up to it. Finally, as expected, there’s a speaker close to the bottom so the pet can hear its owner. What you can’t see inside is technology such as Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi supporting both of the standard radio wave bands (2.4GHz/5.0 GHz).

Need To Have and Need To Do

So to set it up you do need to have a Wi-Fi home network, but it’s not the 2000’s so that’s a given. And of course there’s an app for setting it up and also for using (mobile devices and computers). Also a given is that the connection needs to be reasonably “fast” in that there’s enough bandwidth for it to work with. But again that’s not an issue since if the network’s fast enough (and pretty much all are) to stream Netflix, then it’s fast enough for what is needed here. So the setup doesn’t break any standards or cause head scratching but physically it is specific.

Deciding on where to put it has been taken care of for you because the power source needed to get it going (the AC outlet) is what it’s going to be in front of. Don’t worry that you are going to have to hire an electrician, because you’ll still be plugging it into the outlet. However, since you will be working around the electrical outlet, it is prudent to cut off the power or go to a certified electrician if this DIY concerns you.There’s also a way to mount it on a kennel door as well as use an optional stand, but both of these methods will have exposed electrical cords visible.

DogTV Is Here Too

Now these basic services are pretty darn cool — being able to talk to your pet and reward him at will, as well as being able to activate oil drops for a calming scent to waft out— but since there’s an LCD screen connected to the Internet, shouldn’t there be more? For sure there is - providing you’re willing to buy into a monthly subscription. So as a way to further interaction and keep your pet from getting “home alone” syndrome, what you can now get is pretty awesome — from a pet’s point of view of course. There’s DogTV and programming available that can be run during the day and is used to stimulate your pet. You might not want to be sitting and watching (although doing it with your pet is a great way to bond), but then again you are not the target audience. There’s even an accessory that lets your pet “contact you.”

The PetChatz HDX provides an efficient and meaningful way for staying in touch with your pet as well as keeping your pet engaged during the day when you are not there. Considering all that it has, the retail of less than $350.00 seems more than fair. Further information can be found at


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