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Petya Ransomware Alert!

Updated on June 28, 2017

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a malicious software program that will encrypt the contents of the computers and network systems. The decryption will be done by the software only after the Ransom has been paid. This is one of the cyber attack mechanism.

Petya Ransomware

Petya ransomware is also a typical ransomware which has its own encryption technology which locks down the entire system and the decryption will kick start only after ransom of 300 bitcoins are paid. Do you know how much is 1 Bitcoin? It is roughly around 2500 USD. It is NOT easy to decrypt on your own or you can't even login to your system. The person or organization behind this attack has not been caught yet.This Cyber attack has started at Ukraine and spread across UK, Spain, India etc. It is the biggest hack in the Ukraine's history and it has impacted many government organization software systems. Remember the recent cyber attack of another ransomware named 'Wanna cry'!! Petya is also expected to spread soon all over the world similar to wannacry.

Petya Ransomware
Petya Ransomware

Target of Petya

Outdated operating systems and softwares are the major target. These type of ransomware exploit the system vulnerability and use it in their favor. In this case, it is using the weakness of windows operating systems. Once the program is deployed, it will encrypt all files in your system and will make it Non-usable. Also if you are connected to a network, the whole network will get impacted. Big corporate,Banks and government organizations will be their primary target. It doesn't mean that they have soft corner for you. After all, it is just a computer software which will attack any system in which it finds its place.

Statistics of Ransomware

As per symantec(leading Antivirus software company), The United States was the biggest – and softest – target. Symantec found 64 percent of Americans are willing to pay a ransom, compared to 34 percent globally. And the average ransom spiked 266 percent, with criminals demanding an average of $1,077 per victim.

As per other statistics, More than 50% ransom attacks were spread through Email links and attachments.

Over 100 countries are impacted by these kind of Cyber attacks and 50% of organizational cyber attacks are due to ransom ware in recent times.

Information on Petya

How to crack Ransomware

There are claims that few mechanisms are able to crack the Petya Ransomware which is roaming as rumour and some of them even tells that they hold the recovery code which can be applied and unlocked without paying the ransom itself.But as per the leading techies, the concrete solution to crack the Petya is not yet available and Prevention is only solution available right now.

Prevention from Petya

Please follow the below points to prevent yourself from Petya,

  • Don't open any email attachment from unknown source.
  • Don't click any links from emails & social networking sites, if you are not sure about the content.
  • Don't download any unknown software.
  • Please update the windows patches frequently
  • Please keep the anti-virus & Internet security with up to date updates.

In short, please keep yourself updated and be careful while accessing any links or attachment to stay from trouble. Otherwise, you have to pay ransom or forget about your computer and its data.

In your view, which is the worst cyberattack medium?

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