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Emergency Brake Light Indicator Kia 2000 Sportage

Updated on December 29, 2012

On my 2000 Sportage Kia, I noticed that whenever I had to brake real hard, the emergency brake light would go on.

Over time, it took less and less hard braking for the parking brake light to come on. Worried that my brakes were about to go out, I had them checked and the 19 year old said that they were good. I didn't really trust the veracity that the 19 year ever really checked my brakes but they must be OK because when I had my tires rotated they were checked again at Midas.

I have been helped before and was given free useful advice from – where I found via forum search engine about the emergency brake light coming on. The advice was to go back to KIA GIS and look at the ETM manual for detailed electrical wiring diagrams and electrical component location. Under the ETM was the sub-menu indicators, all I saw was the 'Brake Warning System refer to page 71. I typed in 'Brake Warning System and the schematic was displayed.

I went to the Kia Global Information System but in order to sign on with my Firefox browser I had to change from the default user agent to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. Once signed in to find help about this sensor I did not find any information other than a diagram that located a 'stop lamp' and brake fluid level switch. Although it gave a general parts location. I didn't know where to begin to diagnose which part gave the indication that the parking brake was engaged during hard braking.

Continuing on the Kia-forum was a comment about “break light switch being defective and that there was a recall. I couldn't find it on the KIA GIS but via Google found 2000/kia/sportage/recalls but it was about exterior brake light and not the e-brake indicator light,

I started with the easiest and simplest first. Top off brake fluid. It is very easy to find the brake fluid reservoir because it will say on the cap “ Use DOT number 3 or 4 from a sealed can. NEVER use brake fluid from a can that is unsealed. Since I only used a bit of it. I resealed the container with tin foil over the cap and put a plastic baggie over it with a rubber band to make sure no contaminants would enter. Then I wrote the date on the can to see if I need to put more in the future – how long it has been since the last top up to check if there is a slow leak somewhere.

Although the brake fluid level was in between Maximum and Minimum – I topped it off to the maximum level and tested with a hard brake. Topping off fixed my problem of the brake light indicator coming on.

Brake Fluid Kia 2000 Sportage

The other forum posts gave advice to where to start looking and is posted below. All advice posts are from the KIA forum.

  1. top off brake fluid

  2. check that the brake float is not stuck

  3. Check brake switch inside the center console by the emergency brake handle for adjustment

  4. Checking front brake pads.

  5. Check brake pressure sensor and drill out the sample hole to 9/64.

  6. Check master cylinder leaking at the brake booster

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