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Phone Hardware and VoIP

Updated on September 16, 2010

Limitations of Phone Hardware

It's surprising that given the many years that the telephone system has had to evolve, the amount of innovation in the PSTN hardware department has been minimal. It's not as if there have been a lack of features though. Speed dialing, tone dialing and many other improvements have made their way into the general public usage. But the underlying technology has remained more or less the same and this has limited the scope of innovation.

One area which has remained virtually unchanged is the quality of voice. Though many phone companies like to tout the clarity of their calls, in truth there is a limit to how clear they can get due to the limitations of hardware and the limitations of the protocols used.

With the advent of VoIP, a clean slate has been provided in which innovators can improve the VoIP system and the flexibility of the Internet plays itself out to great advantage in this arena. One such example is HD voice which is physically impossible to achieve on regular PSTN phones. Making use of HD voice in VoIP is merely a matter of ensuring that the correct configurations are in place and that your VoIP provider supports it.

What is HD Voice?

HD voice is the latest in voice technology which enables people to communicate over phone lines with much greater clarity than before. How many times have we had problems in making ourselves understood only to accept the fact that nothing can be done about it?

There are many situations where this problem crops up. One example is when you're in a crowded place and you're unable to either hear the other person or are unable to make yourself understood because of the interference. The good news is that many VoIP phones are available with noise cancellation features that address this issue allowing you to continue to talk even in the midst of chaos.

Another problem that people face is the inability to distinguish between certain alphabets due to the similar sounds. "P" and "B" are subject to this confusion for instance. It goes without saying that many hours are wasted everyday just trying to communicated names and addresses and this also impacts the customer experience. Small business VoIP solutions can address these problems by introducing HD voice into your business. HD voice encodes voice at a higher frequency and thus allows more data to flow through it delivering more information to the listener that helps him or her identify what was actually said instead of trying to guess it.


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