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PhotoWonder: Photo Editing Application Review For Android

Updated on November 7, 2012

I love to take photographs on my mobile phone whether I'm at home or out in public. I am always coming across interesting and inspirational scenes that I wish to capture and share with others, so it is probably expected that I have a vast collection of photo-editing applications on my phone to save me from having to boot up my laptop and Photoshop. I can assure you, this is absolutely true.

One of the latest applications that I have downloaded is called PhotoWonder. At first, I was not a fan of it, as it tended to leave my images with criss-crossing lines, as if I were looking through wire mesh. However, I stuck with it, only because I was a huge fan of some of the filters that did not leave my images distorted. Once an update was released about a month ago, the issue was resolved and I fell in love with the application. Another great thing about PhotoWonder is that it is absolutely free.

The main screen to PhotoWonder
The main screen to PhotoWonder

Main Screen Features

PhotoWonder's start-up screen contains other features that the application has to offer that you can try, but this review focuses on the Edit feature. Edit's home screen is a very basic shade of grey with the main tool bar located at the bottom. The arrows on the above tool bar allow you to undo and redo any edits. This is exceptionally helpful if you are comparing different filters to see which one you prefer the most or if you have accidentally chosen the wrong filter.

The main toolbar consists of five separate options:

  • Edit: a section where you can crop your photographs, add a vingette, sharpen, and much more.
  • Beautify: If you are editing a photograph of yourself and notice a blemish on your face that you wish to remove, the Beautify option can erase any imperfections and leave you with a flawless portrait.
  • Decorate: Adds cute stickers and text balloons to your image. This feature is not a favourite of mines but I'm sure others will love it.
  • Effect: The filter gallery of PhotoWonder is located here. We will explore this area later.
  • Frame: Adds colourful and unique frames to the perimeter of your photographs.

The toolbar is simple to navigate and easy to read. One of the main reasons why I enjoy this application can be found in the Edit section. This section allow you to control how much of the desired effect you wish to add to your image, whether you want them slightly brighter with higher saturation, or with a lower contrast and brightness setting. This is excellent because a lot of photo applications have a pre-set level that you cannot alter and can cause your images to become too saturated or too sharpened.

Effect Feature

Effect, or, the filter gallery is by far one of my favourite features. The filters are separated into three different categories. If you are planning on using multiple filters, you must apply them one at a time.

Example of the Time filter
Example of the Time filter

The Lomo Filters

Lomo is the first set of filters that will be displayed to you. Lomo contains fifteen different filters, which makes it the largest set that PhotoWonder can offer you. These filters work with your photographs to beautify them by making them more saturated, sharper, darker, contrasted, and much more while doing so in interesting and unique ways. Some examples include:

  • 'Autumn': This filter gives your image a lower contrast and a slight blue tone.
  • 'Castle or Time': both great for photographs of street scenes if you enjoy exaggerating darker areas.
  • 'High Dynamic Range (HDR)': this amps up the details in your photograph giving it both a combination of higher contrast and brightness.
  • 'Sweet': a simple filter that makes the image a bit more saturated. I love using this for outdoor scenes in parks or near the seaside.

Example of the Neon filter
Example of the Neon filter

The Scene Filters

Scene is the second set of filters. These filters add patterned overlays or intense bursts of colour to your images giving them a dreamy appearance. Scene contains only six filters. Examples include:

  • Neon: Adds a Bokeh effect of red, white and orange circles to the left and right sides of the image.
  • 'Star or Snow': Adds a few silver and purple stars throughout the image. It gives the photograph a sort of cosmic atmosphere. Snow is the same, except small white circles are added to your photograph to give it a feeling of falling snow.
  • Time Travel: Think of Photoshop's Radical Blur with the zoom option chosen. This is exactly what this filter reminds me of and it definitely lives up to its name. This fun filter will make you feel as though you are zooming into the centre of the photograph!

Example of the Sketch filter
Example of the Sketch filter

The Art Filters

The final set of filters is called Art. These filters give your image a unique and fun look, by adding colour overlays, creative blurs, or vintage and other special effects. Art contains twelve different filters. A few examples are:

  • 'Yellow': paints the photograph with a golden effect.
  • 'Sketch': makes your image look as though it is handdrawn.
  • 'SCRed': desaturates the entire image with the exception of red, so use this one only if your image contains a significant amount of red or else it will just be a black and white photo. ( The same tip applies to the other option, which is SCPurple).

Once you have finished editing your photograph, simply hit Save and Share to end the process or export to other applications you have installed onto your mobile ( such as Instagram and Facebook) and you are done!

Photo editing applications are great for when you are on the move and do not have access to a computer and want to add a simple edit to an already good photograph. PhotoWonder, with its thirty-three amazing filters, it's ability to blur away any blemishes, and its entertainment factor with stickers and other decorative measures is a great application to download and try.

PhotoWonder is available to both Android and Apple devices.


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