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Camera Shooting for fun

Updated on March 12, 2019
Some people find shooting selfies to be fun, don't they
Some people find shooting selfies to be fun, don't they

Camera Shooting for fun

Pictures can be limitless and so can taking them. In order to get the right one you have to continually shoot with the camera. Continually shooting with the camera gives your shooting a limitless effect and for the right picture that is what you want, and that is why camera shooting is so much fun.

Have you ever heard the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, that is true, in a sense. A number of photos you take just to get that one perfect photo is limitless. Camera shooting for fun can include photobombing. What is photo bombing really, and why can it be limitless, well photo-bombing is when you spoil a photograph of a person or thing by accidentally getting into the photos field of view so that you are seen in the photo when you aren’t really supposed to be there. Most of the time if you want limitless photo-bombing, you are playing a practical joke on someone.

What if you are trying to get that perfect, shot. The limitless amounts of photos that you take just for one perfect shot are what makes camera shooting fun. This is because you get to experiment with the camera setting just to get that perfect shot and that to some people is the best. Some people might think that taking one photo for the perfect picture might work but what if that picture is photo-bombed? Most of the time a photo-bombed picture is taken by mistake because, either people are not paying attention, or the light just hits it the picture wrong and catches something that it shouldn’t. Although you would think with the limitless amounts of photos that you, take just to get the perfect shot, there should be one that isn’t photo-bombed right? Well yes, that is usually the case, but why is photo-bombing so popular? Well, I think it is because of all the jokes that people play on each other, usually, these jokes occur at weddings or family gatherings when the limitless amounts of photos are known to be taking place.

Sometimes, people can even take good pictures but when they put them on their computers they can photo-bomb them. I have seen that done limitless amounts of times, and it is hilarious, not that I have done the limitless amounts of photo bombing myself, I have taken a few of these photos and it is funny, although not when it is for something important. But that is when the limitless amounts of photos are being taken so out of all the photos even if some are photo-bombed there should be some good ones.

Some cameras even have a setting where you can change the style of the picture before you even take it, although I don’t think that is photo-bombing but it can be used as such if that is what you are looking for. As I mentioned before photo-bombing can be limitless, and if you fool around with your setting it could be just what you are looking for. Why not get a group of people together and take limitless amounts of photo-bombed pictures just for fun, it might brighten up the friendship or someone’s day. If you are just doing it for fun that is, if you are doing it on purpose it could upset someone so don’t, do it on purpose just say that it is a fun exercise that you are trying out and see where it leads. Photo-bombing can be fun if you do it in the right way.

Taking this picture of Peach was fun because she didn't even notice it and those are the best photos
Taking this picture of Peach was fun because she didn't even notice it and those are the best photos

Using a Camera can be Limitlessly Fun

Camera shooting for fun can be limitless when you are just taking photo after photo after photo. This can be done one after the other in quick succession, it is fun seeing what photos you are getting when you look back at them to find the best one. When you are looking back at them you are seeing a limitless story in different photos saying something new in each one. Not that they are each telling their own story they are telling the same story just in photo form and the only way to do that is through limitless photos.

When you are shooting with your camera limitlessly you are shooting for fun, not really paying attention, to the photos you are taking. Have you ever just done camera shooting for fun and then went back to look at the photos and realized that they are telling a story in a limitless way without you even realizing it. Camera shooting can be limitless because, for the most part, you don't have a specific idea for a photo in mind so you are taking limitless amounts of photos to figure out what the best one is going to be.

Which is why camera shooting is fun because you can take a limitless amount of them and then go through and play eeny Minnie Minni moe for all intensive purposes when you are trying to pick the best photo out of a limitless amount. That is what makes camera shooting for fun the picking and choosing of the limitless amounts of photos that you have taken just to get the very best one.

Camera shooting can be limitless because there is always so many pictures to take of one specific thing. That is what brings out the limitless amount of fun when taking photos. Or at least that is what I think, anyway. I remember taking photos for my cousin's wedding and I told her to forget that I was even there, and I just took a limitless amount of photos. O was trying to get the best photo of all and that was why I was taking limitless amounts and I got a few timeless photos from that day that I would never be able to get if I didn't take them limitlessly.

The fun part about taking limitless photos is not really knowing what you are looking for when you begin. Just taking the photos and realizing that the right photos are there when you go through them on your computer after you have finished taking them. I took a limitless amount of photos when I was asked to do photos for my cousin's wedding and as I went through and edited them I realized that there were a limitless amount that looked amazing with some tweaking.

Taking this photo was fun because it was so early in the morning
Taking this photo was fun because it was so early in the morning

Taking Photos can be Limitlessly Fun

Taking Photos is fun especially when you take a limitless amount of them since you really don't know what you are looking for until you go through them afterward. Taking pictures is fun because hearing the click of the lens as a photo is being taken is thrilling don't you think?

What do you think camera shooting for fun is all about?

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