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Photography for fun

Updated on October 19, 2009

Starting out

My Dad has always been my inspiration for photography, I can't recall a holiday or outing when he wasn't carrying a camera of some sort or another.

I recall my first camera as a gift from my parents (my sister and I both got one so we didn't argue) and gradually over the years my love of photography has grown to the point where I, like my Dad , never go anywhere without my camera.

I had been using a small compact digital camera up until a couple of years ago, when it decided that it had had enough of my amateur photographs and gave up the ghost.

My Dad being ever generous gave me his Sony super steadyshot with a 2.5" LCD monitor and 12X optical zoom when he upgraded to a newer camera.

Although a few years old now this camera is a doddle to use with easy setting options, the screen is large enough to see your intended picture clearly and still creates fantastic digital pictures for me.

I am a bit snap happy I must admit, but the amazing thing about digital technology is you can click away happily all day (or as long as your batteries allow) check your pictures instantly and delete the rubbish ones and start again.

I used to buy lithium digital batteries, that are quite expensive but gave you about 300 shots before the batteries were spent, but at approx £6.00 for 4 batteries if you are lucky, started to work out very expensive. This year I switched to re-chargable batteries especially designed for digital cameras - Energiser rechargeable AA 2450 mAh. for 4 AA batteries, 2 AAA batteries and the charging unit it cost me £29.99 which seemed like a large outlay initially but has already paid for itself two or three fold after all the hundreds of photos that I have taken in France so far this year.

Ok, so lets say you've never taken a picture before, where do you start.

Firstly you need to purchase a camera, I can vouch for the sony super steadyshot as a great everyday camera that takes amazing pictures, but your purchase will depend on your budget. If you can splash out on your first camera then I would advise something with a good zoom, 10 or 12X, if your budget is low then a cheaper, smaller pocket sized camera with a 4 or 5X zoom with be a great starter camera. and are a great place to look and you may find a second hand bargain too.


What are you going to photograph?

To answer this question you need to ask yourself what type of things you like to look at. It's like a painter, they will generally have one type of genre that they like to paint all the time. I like to photograph the outdoors, anything related to the countyside, hills and dales, flowers, farm animals, the coast etc etc.....

Although, don't think about this too much if you are not sure what you want to photograph. Take your camera out with you in your bag and have it to hand at all times. You may find that you will see something that is just crying out to be photographed.

Also, don't try too hard, my opinion is taking photos should be fun, fun, fun, not hard work, even if you are a professional it should still be enjoyable and the pictures should come almost naturally.

I have added in some of the outdoor pictures I have taken over the last couple of months, we have wonderful landscape and coastline here in Brittany and it is a pleasure to photograph it.

Some of my favourite pictures

My winning picture

What are you going to do with your pictures?

If your plan is to get into photography just for fun, then open a file on your computer to safely save your pictures, delete them from your camera after they have been saved and keep snapping away at whatever takes your fancy.

If you like to see your photos then buy yourself a decent printer and photo paper and print of your most favourite pictures and encase them in frames and place them around your home. We have an EPSON STYLUS CX6600 that is printer, scanner and photocopier all in one and prints excellent prints of my photos.

If you have family and friends and you have pictures that you are proud of why not give them away for Birthday, Christmas and Anniversary gifts then others can enjoy them too. This is not only a money saver for you but is a lovely thoughtful and personal gift that will be appreciated by all.

You could enter your photos into local competitions in your area, show them at local fetes and fairs, or enter competitions online, just type 'photography competitions online' into your search engine and voila.

I entered a local photographic competition last year and won best landscape picture and best overall picture. I won £0.75 pence and got to keep a trophy for one year. I was amazed and felt quite honored when I had to go onto the stage to full applaud to collect my trophy and have my picture taken for the local paper with 'Miss Blaby'.

That's the only competition I have ever entered with my photos and maybe my last as I may have peaked with my photo fame already.

Some more of my favourite pictures

To finish then

So you have decided you want to take some pictures, you have purchased your new digital camera, and you have decided on what interests you.

What are you waiting for - get out there and start snapping, and don't forget you could start your own hub and write about your experiences starting out with photography for fun.

Good luck.


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    • DenverPhotography profile image

      DenverPhotography 7 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Great post. This is a pretty complete primer for starting out in digital photography. I also like your emphasis of shooting what interests you. I think that is really important to sticking with it for the long term.

    • mega1 profile image

      mega1 8 years ago

      It really is fun to photograph landscapes and wildlife and I really enjoyed your hub - keep up the great work - love to see more of your photos.

    • skyepie profile image

      skyepie 8 years ago from Leicestershire, UK

      You are very encouraging - thanks very much

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

      I love that sunset picture. I don't think you're done with fame--not yet! Congrat on the hubnugget nomination.

    • skyepie profile image

      skyepie 8 years ago from Leicestershire, UK

      Thanks so much for the lovely comments, an enjoyable hub to create. Thanks for the congrats on being a Hubnugget Wannabe, I didn't even know it existed. Please vote for my Hub - cheers

    • Catherine R profile image

      Catherine R 8 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Very nice pictures. I am inspired by you to try and do better with my photography! Congratulations on your nomination.

    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 8 years ago from Sunny Spain

      lovely photographs and an interesting hub

    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      Great photos here. I love my digital.

    • rmcrayne profile image

      rmcrayne 8 years ago from San Antonio Texas

      Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your HubNuggets nomination.

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Photography sounds fun and enjoyable. And memories are captured for us to enjoy and remember for many years to come. Thank you for this hub! :)

      Congratulations for being a Hubnugget Wannabe! Three leaps for you as we shout a cheer for you. Go skypie go! LOL Here is the link to the Hubnuggets! :)