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How To Watermark Or Write On Pictures: Free Online Photo Editing Websites With No Downloads

Updated on May 28, 2015
PicMonkey: The Alternative To Picnik
PicMonkey: The Alternative To Picnik

Free Photo Editing Website PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a fantastic online photo editing website. It is free to use and free to enjoy the incredible range of tools and effects available.

There is an opportunity to upgrade, providing a wider range of features, however for the purposes of this review the free site elements will be discussed only.

You may have read about PicMonkey in our review on the best free online editing sites and come on over here for a closer look. However if you are reading all about PicMonkey for the first time, you will be pleasantly surprised at just what it has in store.

Let's get creative.

As the website so clearly points out, you are offered 3 pre-set images that you can play around with or simply select 'Edit your photo' and upload the image you want to get creative with.

You will be presented with a left-hand drive menu toolbar with 7 different categories to investigate.

  1. Basic Edits: Crop, Rotate, Exposure, Colors, Sharpen and Resize
  2. Effects: Over 35 different effects you can apply to your image
  3. Touch Up: The ultimate makeover tools to touch up skin, teeth, eyes and even highlight your hair
  4. Text: Close to 50 font choices
  5. Overlays: All the kisses, hearts, arrows and labels you could ever need
  6. Frames: Classic frames with drop shadows, polaroid and photo corners and even film edge
  7. Textures: 6 different inventive textures to apply to provide a unique appeal

PicMonkey Effects
PicMonkey Effects

PicMonkey Facebook App

You can edit and share all of your creative photos right inside of Facebook!

There is no right or wrong with PicMonkey and more importantly no order you need to travel.

Once you have selected your image, you can move through any or all of the edit options and play with their features.

If you prefer structure, start with the Basic Edits, do any cropping, rotate it if needed and adjust it to the size you require or cut out any background distractions. You'll then need to be prepared to get lost in all of the effects on offer. There may be 35 options, however within each one are more options to adjust brightness or shades.

Apply a dust look, tranquil shade or soften it up all together. Add curves, grain or pixelate it. Tint it, frost it or boost it. Give it an antique feel with a vintage option or zoom in on a particular feature leaving the perimeter to be a soft blur.

All for free (at this point in time anyway)

If you are editing a family photo or an image of your loved one, once you have applied your most favourite of effects, you can give them that all important makeover. Touch up their shin, remove wrinkles, highlight their hair, whiten their teeth, give them a spray tan healthy-glow or simply remove those unwanted kilos with the weight loss tool.

You'll be on the front of Vogue Magazine before you know it.

PicMonkey Tools
PicMonkey Tools

Just like Picnik, PicMonkey provides you with all of your online photo editing options. Its key benefits include:

  • Features offered in one online free service
  • Easy to upload photo option
  • Easy to adjust and implement any of the effects and edits on offer
  • No account registration

Adding a Watermark or Logo

Adding a Watermark or Logo to your images is free, simple and quick with PicMonkey

  1. Select your photo
  2. Select the 'Overlay' category
  3. Select 'Your Own'
  4. Upload your logo or watermark
  5. Edit is as required - change its color, fade it or rotate

Free Word Cloud Generators

If you like using words creatively, have a look at these 8 free and simple word cloud generators to use. You will be excited at the designs you can come up with.

PicMonkey is so fast and easy to use you will never have to look twice. When you edit an image you can also customise the depth of the effect you are applying. This allows you almost endless creativity and every image can have its own unique slant. In a world of Pinterest where interesting images are the go, using PicMonkey can give you all the creative tools at your fingertips.

Once you have completed your editing you are required to save the image and after that point it is not stored for you on their website.

PicMonkey also has a brilliant collage feature which allows you to create multiple combinations of images to best suit your needs.

What is most exciting however is that as it is new and fresh and more and more features are being added regularly.

Stay tuned for:

  • A Subscription Service
  • iPhone and iPad functionality
  • Plus more and more effects and edit options.

There is no time to waste. Get cracking on creating your own personalised images for your blog, website or hubs. You are only limited by your imagination. Visit PicMonkey and get started.

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    • WorkAtHomeMums profile image

      WorkAtHomeMums 5 years ago from Australia

      I've just updated this hub to include reference to the Collage Functionality that has recently been rolled out. I think it is one of the best collage options available. So many options.

    • WorkAtHomeMums profile image

      WorkAtHomeMums 5 years ago from Australia

      That's for sure!

    • craftybird profile image

      craftybird 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      This is a good resource for people who have limited skills with more complicated programs like Photoshop. Thanks for the hub!

    • Laci Ledbetter profile image

      Laci Ledbetter 5 years ago from Fayetteville, Arkansas

      Yay! I have been bummed about Picnik moving to Google+. Thanks!