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PicsArt: A Feature-Rich Photo Editing App for Both IOS and Android That is User-Friendly

Updated on October 30, 2014

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Sometimes we all need a little touch-up

With so many photo editing apps available for devices today it's very difficult finding one that stands out above the others and meets all of a consumers needs. Personally I use photo editing apps on my iPad primarily to superimpose pictures of my friends into funny backgrounds. Let's face it, that's all most people do with these apps; make funny pictures of cats and add captions to pictures in an attempt to achieve meme-fame.

The thing is, the features that make an app easy to use for these nefarious purposes also happen to be the features that are extremely useful for productive measures such as enhancing your family photos, business advertisements, touching up blemishes, artistic endeavors, etc.

What I look for in an app

I look for several key factors in a photo editing app:

First, I like an app to be easy to use and organized in a way that makes sense. I don't like hunting for the different effects that I would like to add to the picture or the tools to edit and save the picture.

Second, I don't want constant in app purchases. I don't mind some in-app purchases. I only download free apps so I expect there to be some in-app purchases and ads, However I've downloaded many photo editing apps which only included a few effects and tools and required in app purchases for any further usage.

Third, I like to be able to easily cut portions of one picture out and paste them seamlessly into another picture.

Cropping screenshots

Select free form crop from the far left bottom menu
Select free form crop from the far left bottom menu
Highlight area to be cropped
Highlight area to be cropped
Save the cropped portion using the file icon.
Save the cropped portion using the file icon.
Click 'add photo' to import cropped section into a new photo.
Click 'add photo' to import cropped section into a new photo.

PicsArt: Feature-Rich and User-Friendly

I've found the app that meets all of my photo-editing needs, PicsArt. I have never seen a free photo editing app that is more feature-rich and as easy to use as PicsArt. I recommend it to all my friends. In this review I'd like to highlight a few of my favorite features and key points about PicsArt.

I'll start with my favorite first and that's the free-form cropping feature. The great thing about PicsArt is you can open a photo from your camera roll or use the app to take a photo, highlight the area of the photo you wish to keep, and save that section to be used in another photo. I realize that almost any photo editing app has this feature, what makes PicsArt preferable is the user interface. It's so easy to use, much like coloring. A stylus makes it easier, but is not necessary even for fine detail.

Another great feature of PicsArt is that there are multiple "brush" sizes for selecting a large area to crop or paint or for doing fine details.

Some apps require that while highlighting the area to be cropped, constant contact with the screen must be maintained. With Picsart this is not the case.

In the case of a mistake the undo button can be used up to the most recent save point.

The effect (FX) features offered by Picsart for free are generous to say the least. The app has included many predesigned overlays and effects for pictures. Also included are tools for distorting or correcting the pictures and other photo editing needs. Picsart is also expandable and more effects can be purchased if needed. I am an avid user of Picsart and I have never had to purchase any additional photo editing tools. The app also allows you to make collages or draw and paint pictures.

The FX features are all customizable in different ways giving users more control over the photo editing process.

The PicsArt app layout is easy to understand, tools and effects are organized in the menu options exactly how you would assume they would be. There are many tutorial videos available to help users find the way.

Zoom levels and brush sizes can be adjusted during cropping or painting.

Cartoonize the World

PicsArt also has a camera function that allows users to capture images or video using the FX filters in real time. This is a really cool feature. Sometimes I just turn on the cartoonizer FX option and wander around looking at the world through a cartoon lens. But in more practical uses its great for adding a vintage tone or other effect to a live photo shoot.

The app also has a bit of a social community to it as well as an online network of photos that users can access. I've never taken part in any of those features though.

The bottom line is this is a great, feature-rich app that is user-friendly for people who like to have almost professional control over editing photos, and its free!


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